Aretha Franklin’s Estate To Sell Assets For Enormous $$ Tax Debt

Posted On : May 4, 2019

Trying To Protect Assets…

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In March, Blast obtained court documents which mentioned the estate “cleaning out” Aretha Franklin‘s Michigan mansion as well. They were reportedly trying to get it appraised, along with her music catalog, estimated value of her likeness, and name.

The Estate has investigated [an expert] based on the recommendation of the tax attorneys for the Prince Estate and the Michael Jackson Estate,” the court documents reportedly mention.

According to the source, the expert is named Lori Stefek. They were seeking to hire her to clean out Franklin’s main residence in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in preparation for the aforementioned appraisal. The source states:

“In the docs, it notes that they want to figure out the value of her memorabilia, including Grammy’s Awards, artwork, concert gowns, furniture decorative items, household items, clothes at her home…the cleaner needs a $20,000 flat fee upfront for the garbage bags, trucks and other supplies.”