Aretha Franklin Left Behind Way More Millions Than We Thought, 3 Handwritten Wills Found

Posted On : May 21, 2019

After the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin passed away in August 2018 there were reports swirling around she didn’t leave behind a will, confusing her family and the executors of her estate. Adding more drama to the situation was the fact that the Queen was allegedly millions of dollars in debt to the IRS. New developments have discovered that the claims of Aretha not leaving a will behind were false. And now her family is left stunned by the revelation that there are actually three wills and much more funds than they originally thought.

In Plain Sight

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According to Page Six on Monday David Bennett, the attorney for Aretha’s estate, released a statement that during a recent thorough search through Aretha’s home they discovered three wills lying around in the most obvious of places. One place was so obvious that if it were a snake it would have bit them multiple times.

Two of the wills from 2010 were found in a locked cabinet in the Queen of Soul’s house after a key to the dresser was discovered.

A third dating to 2014 — the most recent of the bunch from — was found under cushions in Franklin’s living room, the lawyer said.

Although some of the writing — which includes scratched-out text and notes in the margins — is hard to decipher, the documents appear to give her assets to her family members.

This is very good news for Aretha’s estate since tax problems have been plaguing the singer for quite some time, even before her passing at age 76 last year. So exactly how much money did she leave behind? And will it be enough to cover her tax problems?

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