After Aretha’s Funeral, Black Twitter Expressing Confusion Over One Funeral Goer

Posted On : September 3, 2018

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On Friday, August 31, all eyes were glued to screens everywhere while Aretha Franklin’s funeral was underway. Although the funeral lasted well over eight hours, most viewers didn’t miss a beat. While most people were very pleased with the way Aretha was honored on her big day, there was one thing fans didn’t miss.

We all know the funeral was a very exclusive, invitation-only event. So, it came as a quite surprise to see one woman arrive at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, MI. Apparently, former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault, received an invite to the funeral and people just can’t understand why. Now, photos of Omarosa’s arrival at the funeral are going viral and people have so many questions.

Not Even Invited to the Cookout:

When it comes to Black public figures, there are a few folks most within the Black community just do not accept. In most cases, this is due to their inability to resonate with the Black community, or use their platform to actually make a difference. Although Omarosa was in the White House, she has always been a die-hard Trump supporter with very little concern about the Black community. So, when the Trump administration gave her the boot and she finally attempted to jump back over the fence, people weren’t havin’ it. Why? Well, it’s basically because she’d already “sold-out.”

Aretha Franklin kept her personal life private, but fans have always credited her for keepin’ it real. So, people just can’t understand how Omarosa got invited to the funeral; when she’s not even welcome at the cookout. After the funeral, photos of Omarosa began circulating on social media and the questions are still coming. Since Donald Trump wasn’t on the guest list, fans believe Omarosa should have been in that same category with him. Check out some of the hilarious tweets on this:

When Omarosa tweeted about her arrival at the funeral, that wasn’t missed either. People immediately began flooding the post with all kinds of questions and comments. Not too many people were pleased about her being there.

One person tweeted, “Whoever let in Omarosa….. we’re not gonna talk about it right now, but you’re getting jumped in the parking lot after the repass #ArethaFranklinFuneral #arethafranklin” Another person wrote, “You aren’t welcome to any of the cookouts or BBQs how did u get in the Queens funeral? Smh Aunt ReRe should’ve woke up and had them to escort you out like your buddy had you escorted out of the White House. U should’ve know they never cared for u.”

Fallin’ Off the Trump Train:

Before Omarosa’s fallout with Trump, you couldn’t tell her nothin’ about him. Although the red flags have always been there, Omarosa wasn’t trying to hear any negativity about Trump. But in true Trump fashion, he wasted no time bashing Omarosa once they fell out. That’s when she decided to fire back, by reaching out to Black media with incriminating information about Trump.

The latest news about Aretha Franklin’s funeral follows Omarosa’s book tour for her new memoir Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, reportedly a tell-all book about her time with the Trump administration. She may have credible information, but at this point, the damage Omarosa’s done with the Black community is already done and her invitation to the cookout has been permanently revoked.