Aries Spears Reportedly Feels ‘Blackballed’ — ‘They Say I’m Washed Up’ [Video]

Posted On : June 15, 2019
Aries Spears Reportedly Feels 'Blackballed' — 'They Say I'm Washed Up'
Aries Spears interviews with Comedy Hype. Photo via screencap.

Although Aries Spears is still doing standup comedy gigs, he says it’s frustrating when people say he’s “washed up.” But that’s not all.

In a recent interview with Comedy Hype, legendary comedian Aries Spears tells the interviewer that he’s basically at “halftime” in his career. He’s had an “okay” first-half. However, he’s looking for the remainder of the game to be something magical.

During the interview, Aries recalls how people similarly call Ice-T “washed up.” However, the rapper has maintained a 20-year run on Law & Order: SVU, a prime-time show. Per episode, that money is LONG long.

Aries Spears says when he, himself, was doing South of Sunset, he was getting $25,000 a week. And he mentions that show was a flop in non-prime-time slot. So, he could only imagine the paycheck landing in Ice-T’s lap each week.

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