As Fans Criticize Pepa’s New Enhanced Swimsuit Body, Her (And Treach’s) Daughter Reacts

Posted On : April 3, 2018

We love us some Salt-N-Pepa, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic…been diggin’ all three members- Pepa, Salt and Spinderella- since the 1980’s. A lotta things done changed in the world since then, including two factors that Pepa is well aware of- the emergence of social media and her physical enhancements. The combination of the two is what currently has Pep’ at the center of brutally honest discussions among across the internet.

Pepa’s New Body

At 51 years old, Pepa is a lovely woman and her social media photos prove she’s not afraid to show off her body. It’s no secret that she’s had a few plastic surgery procedures throughout the years and it appears that her more recent physical enhancements may have been to her butt and hips. No big deal, right? In today’s times, we’ve all seen countless female celebs add a lil’ somethin’ to those areas.

For many fans, the thing that stands out about Pepa’s, is her new leg-to-hip-to-butt ratio. Pep’ typically is a master at finding her best camera angles to camouflage the quote-unquote ‘less flattering’ ones in her social media photos. She accomplishes that by either cropping out her legs, wearing an outfit that plays up other parts of her body and camouflages the region where her legs and hips meet, or standing at just the right angle before saying ‘Cheeese!’. But every now and then, she may opt to forgo the perfect angling attempts and simply smile for the picture to enjoy the moment.

That brings us to Pepa’s recent sexy Instagram pics that are garnering mixed fan reactions. Some fans are giving her props, some offering constructive criticism, and others are being outright brutally honest in a way that would require Pep’ to have thick skin and strong ‘unbothered’ tendencies.

After seeing Pep’ in her black and white swimsuit and her gold bodysuit ensemble (above), fans were quick to point out the changes they’d noticed in her hips (below):

m_creid: Pep what’s going on in your hip area?

brittney_irene_: What happened to her? What’s wrong with her hips?

beingfree2016: Why are y’all lying to this woman omg she looks like she has to knots on the side of her hips. They don’t match the size of her legs and I love pep but ppl stop playing and be honest with her @darealpepa

kassha_brown: @mimib911 why are you on her page being judgmental? @darealpepa has always been an artist that I admired, what you think about her or what I say is none of my business.. keep it classy ❤️

ichloecakes: @itssremike i wish it was unfortunately her and Tiny have the same wack ass surgeon The ants go marching two by two…

aquariuspride: You’re beautiful but you need to go back to your surgeon so that he can put some fatty tissue in your thighs so that I can match the Brazilian butt lift that you have it’s got to be proportioned that’s all got to get some meat on your legs so it matches that fat juicy booty you got back there.

Pep’s & Treach’s Daughter Defends Her

After Pepa and Treach’s (of Naughty by Nature) 19 year old daughter, Egypt Criss (pictured above), was tagged in the comments, she came to her mother’s defense.
The fan, who goes by the Instagram name @ichloecakes wrote to Egypt:

“i wish black women loved themselves more… but she didnt love her body thats why she butchered it up by ADDING thighs. She was perfect before the botched surgeries 💞”

Egypt (IG name @egyptcriss98) replied back with:

“@ichloecakes my mom loves her body so if she’s happy then I’m happy”

Fan shot back at Egypt again:

ichloecakes: @egyptcriss98 u shouldve told your mom “thigh to butt ratio is off mom..tell the surgeon to fix it” Her and Tiny must have the same wack ass surgeon

So far Pep’ hasn’t responded to the backlash, but by now, she’s probably used to it and couldn’t care less.

ILOSM fam’ do y’all think Pepa went too far, or nah?