Assault Accuser Wins Lawsuit Against Cuba Gooding Jr, But That’s Not His Only Legal Prob’

Posted On : June 5, 2021
Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. may be somewhere having Boyz ‘N The Hood flashbacks by punching the air right about now. Why? Because on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, his ‘butt-groping’ accuser won a lawsuit against him, after he was ghost in the courtroom in response to her claim against him.

Details Of Accuser’s Default Judgement

Cuba’s legal loss stems from a lawsuit that accuser, Natasha Ashworth filed against him in October 2019 for an incident she says happened in 2018. According to Natasha, she was serving Cuba drinks at her then-job at Tao Downtown Nightclub at that time, and while doing so, Cuba tried to grope her backside several times.

After Cuba continued to ignore her then-pending lawsuit for a year, Ashworth requested a default judgement against him back in January of this year.

Since that time, according to Page Six, to date Cuba had never retained the services of a civil attorney in his defense for the case, nor have any court documents been filed on his behalf.

Justice Alexander Tisch of the Manhattan supreme court has now granted Natasha Ashworth’s request for a default judgement against the Academy Award winning Cuba Gooding Jr. for her claims of sexual assault and battery. Though, Ashworth was denied one of her request by the judge – her claim of ‘infliction and emotional distress – because Justice Tisch believes that claim was too redundant in comparison to Ashworth’s other claims against Gooding Jr..

The judge ruled that a trial date should be set for the case in order to conclude how much in damages gooding Jr. should pay Ashworth.

Cuba’s criminal defense attorney, Mark Heller, feels the total opposite however, reportedly stating “the claim is baseless and the judgment is worthless.”

Cuba Is Facing More Legal Trouble With Multiple Accusers

Cuba Gooding Jr.

For Cuba, it would’ve been better if Ashorth was the only accuser legally battling him. That ain’t the case though. There are reportedly 30 women who have made claims of sexual misconduct against him, with some also accusing Cuba of inappropriately touching them.

Additionally, there’s another pending lawsuit. In August 2020, another woman claimed Cuba raped her twice – vaginally and anally – in a Soho Hotel room back in 2013, after she reportedly chilled with him at a Greenwich Village lounge that night and went back to his hotel room, according to court docs. In response to the rape lawsuit at that time in 2020, Cuba’s attorney, Mark Heller, stated “The allegations are completely false. No complaint was lodged seven years ago.”

There’s more. In addition to Ashworth, Cuba is currently facing two more misdemeanor counts of ‘sexual abuse and forcible touching’ stemming’ from two other accusers who alleged such.

And the there was Cuba’s widely publicized arrest back in June 2019, when a  a 30-year-old woman claimed he grabbed her breast while at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge inside the Moxy Times Square Hotel on June 9 of that same year.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has denied all allegations.

At this point, Cuba’s fans are eagerly waiting to hear all detailed sides of the stories- his accusers’ sides, his side, and the truths…regardless of where those truths may lay.