‘Aunt’ Of Whitney Details Surprising Claim About Whitney & Bobby Abandoning Daughter As A Child

Posted On : July 20, 2018

As new details continue to surface, now that the “Whitney” documentary has hit theaters, they are all equally as shocking and cringe-worthy at times to witness. As most of us have heard, Whitney’s family backed the “Whitney” film. Many of them were interviewed by director, Kevin MacDonald, and painfully recalled the late songstress’ struggles in life. One of the struggles that has not been largely focused on, is the one that close family friend, Ellen “Aunt Bae” White -who Whitney referred to as “Aunt Bae”- has revealed.

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Whitney & Bobby Abandoned Bobbi Kristina For Years?

Ellen “Aunt Bae” White was like a second mother figure to both Whitney and her now deceased daughter, Bobbi Kristina. During the documentary, Ellen cried as she recalled Whitney’s and Bobby Brown’s battles parenthood.  According to Ellen, soon after Whitney gave birth to Bobbi Kris,’ she checked out of the hospital early and showed up at her doorstep, “hunched over,” with Bobbi Kristina in her arms. Why was Whitney at Aunt Bae’s door with her newborn? According to Aunt Bae Ellen, it was because Whitney was there to ask her to “bathe” Bobbi Kristina and then Ellen alludes that Whitney did not return for ‘months.’ Thats not all though…

Aunt Bae says she pretty much raised Bobbi Kris’ for the first 8 years of her life and that Bobbi lived with her, before Whitney and Bobby Brown supposedly stepped back in to raise their daughter on their own.

Whitney’s “Aunt Bae,” Ellen White (R), with Cissy Houston and Whitney’s nephew, Gary M. Houston (via Instagram)

Whitney’s sister-in-law/manager, Pat Houston, seemed to have also corroborated Aunt Bae’s revelations in the documentary. Pat revealed that Bobbi Kristina “hated her life,” because she was reportedly always being left at relatives’ homes as a child and wouldn’t see Whitney, nor Bobby for months at a time. This was allegedly during the time when Whitney and then-husband, Bobby Brown, were in the more severe stages of their past drug addictions.

Also, family friend and employee, Laura Baldami, stated that Whitney and Bobby loved Bobbi Kristina dearly, but “didn’t care of Krissy…they just left her to the wolves.”

Okay, now, we all know that clearly, many things went wrong in Bobbi Kristina’s life and/or upbringing, because sadly that beautiful young lady became addicted to drugs, had a reportedly abusive relationship, and ultimately lost her life to drugs and alcohol in 2015. Also, according to Bobby Brown and other family members- her then boyfriend, Nick Gordon’s, abuse at that time, is to blame as well.

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It’s also no longer a secret that Whitney and Bobby B. had personal drug struggles of their own. So is it farfetched that two then drug addicted parents would actually ‘abandon their child and leave for months at a time? No, not at all. The one thing that is questionable though, are the repeated pubic appearances little Bobbi Kris’ would make with her parents on red carpets and such. Could it have all been just for show…or a temporary parental outing? Or could the revelations be fabricated just a tad? Who knows? But given the fact Bobby Brown, has not yet spoken against those claims, there may be truth in what’s being said.

Addiction can rob so many people of what is important in life and it’s an everyday battle for anyone recovering from it. All we can hope for now, is that Bobby Brown is continuing on his sobriety path, so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes with his younger children- a point that he, too, has publicly professed in recent years.