B.Angie B. And Mike Tyson Had Secret Fling & Bombshell They Dropped At His Trial Stunned Many

Posted On : June 10, 2021
Singer, B. Angie B.; Mike Tyson

Remember singer, B. Angie B.? She was part of MC Hammer’s clique back in the day and had us vibin’ to her ’91 hit, “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love.” In addition to that classic, she had the slow jam, “So Much Love,” and who could forget about her many musical contributions on other artists’ albums. For example, what’chall know about her singing on the hook for Hammer’s multiplatinum single, “(Hammer, Hammer) They Put Me In The Mix?” Or her boisterous vocals on Oaktown 357’s “Juicy Gotcha Crazy?” Those were the days, weren’t they?

Okay, now that we’ve got the formalities out the way, we’ll share this interesting bit of info that flew under the radar during Tyson’s 1992 rape trial. We won’t bore you with the same ol’ debate we’ve all heard for years- ‘Did, or did not, Tyson really rape pageant contestant, Desiree Washington, in 1991?’ Only Tyson and Washington know that answer. But we will, however, discuss the Old School fun fact about B. Angie B. and Tyson both testifying, at the trial, that they were gettin’ it on (word to Marvin Gaye) and “humpin’ around’ (shout out to Bobby Brown) back then.

What B. Angie B. & Mike Tyson Said Happened Between Them Had Many Flabbergasted!

Surprising Details Of Their Secret Relationship. Tyson was accused of rape by pageant contestant, Desiree Washington. What shocked many during his ’92 trial, is that “Tyson’s sometime girlfriend,” B. Angie B. -according to People Mag- was revealed.

What They Confessed At Tyson’s Rape Trial Shockingly Flew Under The Radar

They Gave Conflicting Stories About Their Sexual Encounters. B. Angie B. and Tyson gave conflicting reports regarding their sexual encounters, which reportedly happened before Desiree’s rape claims, after meeting Tyson during a pageant rehearsal. But many were also shocked by Angie & Tyson’s reveals.

Angie’s Story Was Uh…Interesting

B. Angie B. Said They Did What The Night Before?!! Angie revealed that the reason Tyson was at the Indianapolis beauty pageant that day, was to see her perform in it. ‘[B. Angie B.] testified that they made love the day before Tyson was alleged to have raped Desiree Washington.’ – Jet Magazine, 1992

But The Amount Of Times She Said They Did The Do Will Shock You

Geesh! They Were Like Energizer Bunnies That Night…According To Ang’! ‘B. Angie B. figured prominently into Tyson’s rape trial by testifying that she and Tyson were lovers and that they had made love 16 TIMES on one day.’ -Jet Magazine, 1992

However, Tyson’s Story About Angie Was Odd

Attorneys Then Pressed Tyson About B. Angie B. During the trial, prosecutors then questioned Tyson about whether or not he was in a sexual relationship with Angie and if he was, in fact, with Angie the night before the alleged rape of Washington.

Tyson’s Response Confused Many

He Forgot The Details About Sexscapade With Angie. ‘Tyson said he probably had sex with [Angie] at a “crappy Holiday Inn,” but he wasn’t sure. [The prosecutor] asked, “You remember having sex with Desiree Washington but forget having sex with B Angie B the day before?”‘  – People Mag, 1992

Witnesses Tell What B.AngieB. & Mike Did At Prison

Despite Their Conflicting Stories, B. Angie B. Reportedly Visited Tyson In Prison, Sparked More Controversy. Word on the Old School curb is B. Angie B. drove the other inmates crazy when she allegedly wore her signature mini-skirt (typically not allowed in prisons)
 to the prison,  but there’s more…

Inmates Say She & Tyson Were Able To Get Away With Something Most Cannot

Witnesses Claim They Got Busy In Private Prison Room. It was also reported that B. Angie B. allegedly caused a ruckus when she visited Tyson in jail for a private visit in a secluded conference room. She was reportedly “all over” him and vice versa. Wow…who knew?!!