B2K Reunited Just To Fall Apart: Details Reveals that Reunion Tour is Disaster for Group Members

Posted On : May 15, 2019
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Or just happened to have a change of heart because not long after, Raz B revoked the decision. “I am a work in progress,” he wrote in a separate post on his Instagram Story. “I appreciate the outpouring of love, empathy and understanding from my supporters.” He assured fans that he’d be continuing out the tour, too. “You all deserve it!”

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#TSRUpdatez: #RazB says he looks forward to continuing the #MillenniumTour!! (view earlier post)

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Not too long after Raz’s Instagram post, coincidently J-Boog did something rather shady. He was spotted wearing a “I don’t feel safe,” t-shirt around Raz B and fellow B2K members Omarion and Lil’ Fizz. At their Houston meet-and-greet at that! Initially this led fans to start believing that there was tension between J-Boog and Raz B.

Maybe it was all just a coincidence…or maybe not. I guess everything in the dark eventually comes into the light.