Back When Slow Jams Made Us All Feel Something

Posted On : September 4, 2014

Why isn’t the music industry making slow dance music any more? Don’t you miss those days?

Slow jams aren’t just to mellow out the mood it is about a feeling and how that song makes you feel. I can recall several slow songs that reminded me of key moments in my life. Like the first time my heart was broken and I listened to All Cried Out by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam for hours. She stated everything I was feeling at that time or my first dance with my ex-husband at our wedding which was Love by Musiq Soulchild.

I would imagine that the music industry would say that they are in a supply and demand type of industry which may be true to a certain but they are the trend setters as well. Whatever they are putting out that’s what people will listen to. So how do you go about reinstating real singing that’s not manufactured with autotunes?