Remember When Luther Took The Mic And Went Straight Acapella?

Posted On : September 4, 2014

Do you remember when Luther took the mic and went straight acapella?!? Take a minute to watch…it’s good for the soul. He is physically perished from the earth, but the Luther sound is immortal. Here and Now, So Amazing, If Only For One Night, Superstar, Every Year Every Christmas and countless of other Luther Vandross songs that will forever be timeless classics.

Vandross was a crooner unlike any other and had awesome vocal ability and range. He sung with such feeling that even if the song didn’t pertain to your life you were still engulfed in the song. I remember attending a Vandross concert in Washington, DC one year prior to his death; it was amazing. He was an awesome performer who invited the audience to take a journey of love and happiness with him.

When I think of Luther Vandross I also think about the movie The Wood. It was a coming of age story about three friends relationship starting in the 80s through the 90s. One of the main characters in the movie was attending his first junior high dance and wanted to dance with his crush. Her brother indicated that her favorite song was a Luther Vandross song and if the song was played at the dance to ask her to dance. “If this world were mine” by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn came on and he asked her to dance and thus was the beginning their relationship and long lasting love for each other.

I read that music was the soundtrack of your life. This statement couldn’t be any more accurate. I remember my first slow dance was to the popular R&B song “Love you down” by Ready for the World in 1987. I was in the 7th grade and attending my first school dance with friends. I was so excited that I was asked to dance that I was initially dancing off beat until my partner who was older helped me out. It was definitely a sight to see and memorable experience because we ended up dating at that night. LOL! I have other memories that are attached to songs; some were happy times others heart breaks but through it all it still shape me into the person I am today.

Guest writer, CreeNola