“Barney” Actor Now Has High Paying Controversial Sex Job No One Expected

Posted On : January 24, 2018
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Barney the Purple Dinosaur  (Photo by Lyle A. Waisman/FilmMagic)

Back when kids were singing the “Barney” song lyrics, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…,” little did most of us know that the guy in the ever so popular “Barney” suit was actually a Black dude. And we certainly didn’t expect his future career to evolve from a kid’s show to the the sex industry! Talk about a change of pace, huh? That’s what is up with “Barney” a.k.a. David Joyner today. Following his 10 year stint as the purple dinosaur (1991 – 2001) that millions of kids all over the world adored, he’s now announced the career he’s been partaking in for quite some time that has many folks giving him the side eye for several reasons.

Ex “Barney Describes His New Sexual Career

Nowadays, ex “Barney” is a tantric sex massage therapist. But that’s not the weird part at all, this is:
Joyner revealed to Vice that to treat his clients, during his $350 per hour sessions, he prefers to have unprotected sexual intercourse with them in order to ‘help’ them. If you are now saying to yourself ‘Chile please!’ then you are not alone. But first let’s see what David Joyner had to say about this below.

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Former “Barney” actor, David Joyner (Photo by Beck Starr/WireImage)

In his interview, Joyner first described how the tantric sex therapy techniques he practices now, are closely related to the job he did wearing that purple 70 pound costume as “Barney”:

Via Too Fab: “Before I got into the costume, I would pray and ask God to allow his loving divine spirit to flow through me through the costume and let that draw the kids,” Joyner said. “That energy would always drew them in. Children are more connected spiritually than [adults].”

Then came the details he offered about his current paid tantric massage sex sessions:

Via TF: Today, Joyner uses those same tantra practices to service about 30 clients, or “goddesses” as Joyner calls them; all female. Women can anticipate a ritual bath, massage and the balancing of chakras, as well as a sexual orgasm. Joyner has unprotected intercourse with his clients to help them achieve a “higher and more blissful state of awareness.” He told Vice that a condom can “block the energy,” but others in the field find it concerning that he has sex with clients, and particularly that he does so unprotected.

Laaawd…there’s more…

Prostitution Or Therapy? People Are Confused About It

As Joyner probably expected, there are some in his field, who do not agree with his method of servicing his clients and accuse Joyner of using unethical and irresponsible practices. He also places himself at risk of a legal issue, according to one defense attorney in California, here’s why:

Via TF: “You can’t legally have sex with someone in exchange for money,” [Attorney Johnathon] Kelman said simply. Joyner has his clients sign a contract and offers the first session free, which he says establishes legal consent, but Kelman isn’t so sure. “If I have a client who gets arrested for exchanging a Big Mac for sex, that’s, by definition, prostitution,” he said.

So Many Questions

Don’t get me wrong ILOSM fam,’ I see nothing wrong whatsoever with consensual adults having consensual sex with each other, but I can’t help but chuckle at Joyner’s story a little. The fact that ex “Barney” has found about 30 clients who are willing to pay him $350/hour for sex under the guise that it’s a ‘massage therapy session,’ is almost remarkable, I must say. Dude had to be hella skilled with his communication. I mean, what did he say to them-‘I can heal all of your sexual/orgasm problems, but you have to trust me and allow me to penetrate your mind, psyche, soul…AND vagina?’ Wow…this “Barney” actor’s story is pretty uh…interesting to say the least. Continued success to him and his tantric massage practices. Business seems to be booming for him, so I gotta give him his props for that.