Barry White’s Daughters Married Interracially & Are Happy…Meet Their Families

Posted On : June 20, 2017

The late ‘Maestro,” Mr. Barry White, has left behind a legacy of classic baby-making music and a loving family to go with it. He married his background singer, Glodean White (of the group, Love Unlimited) on Independence Day in 1974 and in an ironic, sad twist of fate, he also passed away on Independence Day in 2003 from kidney failure at age 58.

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Although the “Practice What You Preach” crooner and Glodean had separated many years prior to his passing, they never divorced. Barry has a total of 6 children- two with Glodean and 4 from a previous marriage and another relationship.

He and Glodean’s two daughters- Shaherah (40) and Bridgette White (50)- are the topic of this discussion.

(L-R): Barry White’s daughter, Bridgett; wife, Glodean; and daughter, Shaherah (via Instagram)

Those two lovely ladies are very close to their Mother and have had the privilege of even singing with her sometimes as part of the revised Love Unlimited Trio. The original 70’s trio included Glodean; her sister, Linda James; and their cousin, Diane Taylor.

Not only have the two White sisters made their parents proud by following in the footsteps of their soulful legacy, they’ve blessed them with four wonderful grandbabies. Shaherah has one and Bridgett has three kids. The thing that some were pretty surprise to find out is that their children are biracial and are product of their interracial relationships. See their family below.

Shaherah Talks Her Husband, “Swirl Love” & Her Daughter

Check out what Shaherah shared about the love of her life and their anniversary…

Several years ago I asked him… "Why do you want to marry me?" He replied "Because I love you, and we are far greater together than we could ever be apart." He was right… His love allows me to be the woman I was created to be, and encourages me through it all like no one before… He's always telling me "You give my love an address." I pour all of my heart out over his, as a covering of protection, as his helpmate and lover and friend. He is my King, treating me as a Queen. Together we are one in partnership, adventure, & Love. Together we are True Love Advocates!! This is what happens when Love Is The Reason… #greatertogether #anniversary #love #loveisthereason #truelove #advocates #helpmate #united #blessed #sacred #lovers

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As you can see, Shaherah likes to keep the identity of her man on the low, but we did manage to find a cool photo of her daughter…

Meet Bridgett’s Fam’

Barry White with daughter, Brigette White Hancock and his granddaughter, Brittany Glodean (via Instagram)

This is a pic of Bridgett with her husband and their three children…

Barry White’s daughter, Bridgett and her family (via Facebook)

Daughter Pays Homage To Barry White

This is a touching message Shaherah wrote about her dad on Instagrama while back and it gives a pretty good picture of just how close the were:

@shaherah_love: I am so thankful to all of you who share photos like these with me… It gives me opportunity to see photos I may not have or have not seen before! And I miss moments like this one right here. I would just love to be in his arms just one more time! He is still one of my greatest loves!!! Happy Holidays Daddy! I would give anything for us to be able to pick just one more tree together…😔 always in my heart!!!

The thing that came to mind when checking out Barry Whites’s fam’ is that his daughters have combined two significant elements of their parents’ musical legacies- They’re ‘practicing what Barry preached’ by displaying -through their marriages and children- that ‘love is in fact, unlimited.’