The Battle Of Berry Gordy’s Sons: Which One Is The Better Artist?

Posted On : February 24, 2015

Rockwell, now 50 years old; was born Kennedy William Gordy, was signed to the Motown label and had the monstrous hit “Somebody’s Watching Me” in 1984. You remember that song, right? The song was so popular that Geico Insurance used it in their TV commercials in 2008.

Rockwell put the demo together with the help of a Motown producer named Curtis Nolen. Berry Gordy didn’t have much faith in his son as a recording artist, but when he heard this, he knew it was a hit and agreed to release it.

Michael Jackson and Berry Gordy's son, Rockwell
Michael Jackson and Berry Gordy’s son, Rockwell

Surely, it didn’t hurt to have Michael Jackson singing backup. The rumors went wild that all the other people were wiped off the background vocal track and just rode with Michael (who was at the height of his fame). Rockwell knew he could get the song released if he could convince Michael to sing on it.

The Motown marketing team came up with the name “Rockwell.” Prince and Madonna were doing very well using one name, and inspiration struck when someone saw a photo of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Berry Gordy with his son, Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy)
Berry Gordy with his son, Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy)

Now Redfoo is the 39 year old son that…