Beautiful: Jon B Shows His Wife Of 13 Years & 108 Year Old Grandmom

Posted On : September 10, 2020


Jon B.

Make some noise if you remember Jon B. When you think about 90’s R&B, it’s hard not to remember the cat who bursted onto the music scene and confused the hell outta everybody.

The Caucasian Brotha

After many of us first heard the ’95 hit, “Someone To Love,” we were probably wondering, ‘Why did Babyface make himself sound like a duet, when it’s really just him on the record?’ Then came the music video and we realized Babyface actually wasn’t frontin’ after all, because it really was a duet…with a Caucasian brotha who sounded just like him.

In the beginning of his career, many were trying to determine if Jon B. was just a wannabe artist doing the whole cultural appropriation thing, like Justin Timberlake and so many other White artists get accused of. Jon B. was a White man singing Black music, who always featured Black women as his love interests in his music videos. Turns out, Jon B’s got news for his naysayers though- if there’s one thing he is, it’s real. That is evident not only by the fact that he’s stayed true to the R&B music that truly inspired him since he was a youngin,’ but also by his wife of 13 years and their kids.

Meet Jon B.’s Wife

Jon B and his wife, Daniella [via Jon B’s Instagram]
Jon B. shared photos of his wife, Danette Jackson, and needless to say, no matter how many times he does so, folks are always surprised for several reasons.

One reason is that his wife is African American and Jon B is a White cat from Rhode Island and Pasedena , CA. Another is that the stark contrast Jon B and his wife represent in comparison to many of his African American celebrity counterparts. It’s no secret that most of us are not surprised whenever we see a Black male celeb’ with a wife of another race…in fact, we damn near expect it. However, in 2020, it is still a shock when we see a White male celebrity with a chocolate woman. Love is love, regardless of race, but that does not make it any less surprising when a White dude shakes up the stereotypical norm.

At any rate, the love Danette and Jon B. have for each other is a beautiful thing and they are also proud of their two daughters, L’Wren  and Azure.

Jon B.’s Grandmother Is 108!!!

Jon B shared this photo of his Grandmother on her 108th birthday

Another reason why Jon B. shocked many fans, had nothing to do with race at all, but everything to do with that fountain of youth his 108 year old grandmother has found. On her recent birthday, on August 5th, Jon B. showed love to his grandmother with a photo of her holding her birthday cake. He captioned it with the following message:

“Happy 108th Birthday Grandma Your Life Has Been Truly Remarkable With Family and Faith Always Coming First Will Always Remain In Awe Of Your Beautiful Spirit We Love You Beyond Words”

Jon B chillin’ with his grandmother

Check out his Instagram post above and get a load of his beautiful, jazzy grandmama.

Jon B. On Working With Michael Jackson

One thing many didn’t know about Jon B is that he’s written and/or produced songs for many R&B and hip hop artists, including TLC, Luther Vandross, Coko of SWV, Jay Z, Nas, Guru, Tupac, and one of his most memorable, Michael Jackson.

In an interview with The Shadow League, he revealed how he was granted the opportunity to work with MJ:

JB: “We were managed by the same manager, which was orchestrated by Babyface. He wanted me to have a very high powered manager. I met Mike backstage. I told him he was a huge influence. I got the call a couple of weeks later to remix the song, “You Are Not Alone,” and that was a huge single at the time. The president of Sony called me to do it and that was a huge honor for me.”

Today Jon B.’s still performing across the country and taking care of his fam.’ Keep doing your thang Jon B., we see you.