Beautiful: Tyler Perry Surprises Dying Mother Of Gospel Singer With Amazing New Home

Posted On : September 26, 2018

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When it comes to helping others in their time of need, Tyler Perry has earned a spot at the top of that list. The generosity that brotha has displayed throughout the years, is something that brings tears to the eyes of many – just at the thought of it.

The New Orleans, LA native, who grew up in a poor neighborhood and ended up living out of his car, prior to making a name for himself, was just a hungry filmmaker and screenplay writer. When he first met gospel singer, LaShun Pace, 20 years ago, she saw his vision and was honored to be a part of it. As a result of that mutual respect and admiration, she starred in one of his stage plays back then.

Throughout the years, they’ve kept in touch and she’s witnessed that hungry writer blossom into the $600-million media mogul he is today. Simply proud to have worked with such a living legend, LaShun never asked for anything from Tyler. Fast forward to now, the “Madea” creator offered has extended a helping hand to her dying mother in a way she would have NEVER imagined.

It was recently reported, by 11Alive News-Atlanta, that Tyler Perry has gifted LaShun’s mother, Betty Ann Pace, a $350K two-story home of her own. It was Ms. Betty’s wish come true.

During an interview with the news outlet, LaShun revealed that her mother was diagnosed with stage V kidney failure. Ms. Betty’s final request was to own a home that she and her daughters would be able to live in comfortably. Tyler did just that and brought LaShun’s mother’s to tears, which was all caught on camera.

Watch Mother Get Surprised With New Home From Perry

Via 11Alive News: “They gave her four days to a week to live and she’s still living today,” LaShun said. Recently, her mother met Perry, and she told him her last wish was to become a homeowner.

“Before I die, I need a home for me and my daughters,” LaShun said, relaying her mother’s dream. Thanks to Perry’s generosity, the dream became a reality. He surprised 80-year-old Betty with a home. “I love you,” Betty cried. “I thank God for you.”

As soon as Betty Ann was taken to her surprise home, all she could do was shout, “Glory, God! Hallelujah.”

LaShun later stated, “To me, it’s like a mansion in the sky!! We grew up in a three bedroom, one bathroom with 12 people. We’ve struggled all our life.” Watch their emotional video above.

A major salute to Tyler Perry for what he’s done for that Queen and her family.

Sending love, light and uplifting energy to Ms. Betty Ann Pace and her loved ones.