Beyonce’s Dad Has Surprising Normal Job No One Expected &Is Helping Hurricane Victims

Posted On : September 5, 2017

Beyonce and her father, Matthew Knowles

Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles, may have been her and Destiny’s Child’s manager since the women were kids, but ever since they all agreed to mutually cut business ties with each other, things have been a little different for Mr. Knowles.

Matthew Knowles Regular Job

He’s held a very regular, yet impactful job for the past nine years, one that some would least expect of the the father of one of the biggest stars in American culture right now. Matthew is a professor at Texas Southern University in their hometown of Houston Texas. Now that we we’ve all taken a moment to let that sink in, let us fill y’all in on the wonderful things he’s doing for TSU students and faculty, as well as other residents affected by Hurricane Harvey.

How He’s Greatly Helping TSU Students & Other Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

We're now on a tornado watch and all I can think about are the homeless people in the area. … #HurricaneHarvey #hurricaneharvey2017 #hurricaneseason #prayfortexas

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Matthew Knowles actually rode out the hurricane when it wreaked havoc on Houston and surrounding cities. He was in a high rise building and made it out unharmed afterwards.

After the water began to recede, he took to the streets to bring food and water to some of the homeless people he knew in the area. He also went straight to TSU’s campus to start helping the students there. In one of his videos (shown below), he stated this:

Hi, this is…Professor Matthew Knowles, I’m here on campus at Texas Southern University, where I’ve had the privilege to teach…well over 9 years. We desperately need your help here at TSU. We have about 1,500 students, mainly freshmen that got here early and had to endure this terrible, terrible, devastation of this…hurricane that hit the city. There in need of toiletries and a whole lot of other items. We have over 800 faculty and staff that have lost homes and are displaced. We have over 50 cars that were lost on campus for students and faculty. So we desperately need your help here. So…I’m asking all of my friends to go to

Please visit and click on "TSU Cares" to help our students and faculty. @texassouthern … #HurricaneHarvey #hurricaneharvey2017 #hurricaneseason #prayfortexas #HoustonStrong

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Matthew has continued to push to help those affected both on campus, and off, at various shelters and such. He also worked out a plan with his daughter, Bey’, who donated a very large sum of money to TSU after the hurricane, as well as to thousands of other citizens in her hometown. She’s donated hurricane relief funding through various organizations: Greater Houston Community’s Foundation; and to her pastor’s non-profit organization, Bread of Life.

To this day, Matthew is continuing to use his connections within the industry and his personal celebrity influence to get large amounts of funding and necessities that we oftentimes take for granted, to the people of Houston and other areas.

#Houston coming together! We'll get through this. … #HurricaneHarvey #hurricaneharvey2017 #hurricaneseason #prayfortexas

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His name may come with some controversy surrounding his personal life, but one thing no one can say is that Matthew Knowles does not have a big heart when it comes to doing what he can to help others in need. Props to him for coming through for his city.

How We Can All Help

If you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, there are various ways you can do so:
1. Visit a nonprofit watchdog website, such as Charity Navigator, to help guide you toward a nonprofit that will actually give your money directly to the people and not pocket it for their company.

2. You can also find a person, or family, affected by the storm via social media and directly donate to them.