Bill Cosby Goes Off From Prison, Day After Harvey Weinstein ‘Settles’ His Sex Assault Cases

Posted On : May 25, 2019

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ILOSM fam,’ many of y’all have probably peeped the major backlash that ousted Hollywood exec, Harvey Weinstein, has received in the past 24 hours after word spread that he was allowed to offer settlements to his many sex assault/rape accusers in his pending case. Well, y’all weren’t the only ones who heard it…so did imprisoned comedic icon, Bill Cosby, who had a LOT to say about it.

When news first got around -on Friday, May 24th- that a judge allowed Harvey Weinstein to shimmy his way outta possibly serving serious prison time for sexual assault crimes, several red flags were raised.

Although Weinstein still facing trial for his criminal sex assault case, the chances of him being found guilty were significantly lessened after reportedly paying $44 million to many of his 80+ accusers. It’s expected that as part of the settlement agreement the judge allowed Weinstein to offer the accusers, they’ll likely have to sign a confidentiality agreement, barring them from discussing their claims. Without their testimony at the trial, it’ll be pretty difficult for prosecutors to convict Weinstein.

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Fans were quick to point out the difference between the ‘settlement’ Harvey Weinstein was allowed to get, versus the lengthy prison sentence Bill Cosby received. Both men are accused of similar sex assault crimes, yet one continues to roam these streets as a “free man,” while the other is imprisoned. The only difference between them is their race, a fact that many fans also pointed out online.

Following the uproar that Weinstein’s settlement has sparked, Bill Cosby had a few things to get off his chest, as he sits behind bars in SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania.

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