Bill Cosby Thought to Be Flight Risk, Allegedly Stashing $500M From Wife & US Gov

Posted On : August 27, 2018

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As Bill Cosby awaits sentencing for his sexual assault conviction, he’s being accused of now playing a game of hide n’ seek with his estimated $500 million fortune to hide it from his wife and the government. Obviously, hiding $500M’s from wifey is a tad bit difficult to pull off – to say the least – and the government is a whole ‘notha beast when it comes to that. According to the latest reports by Radar Online though, Bill has found a way to at least hide some of it – allegedly.

Pulling Off A Mission Impossible

Word on the Old School curb is that Bill Cosby is converting some of his fortune into cryptocurrency in order to protect it. Apparently, no one except him can pretty much access his virtual funds, even when he’s serving his prison sentence. Here’s what was recently reported:

Via RO- Desperate to salvage what’s left of his $500 million fortune, Bill Cosby is converting cash into “virtual currency” — so he can keep it away from his creditors, the government and long-suffering wife Camille, has learned exclusively!

“He moved close to $5 million in Bitcoin after an expert told him it’s practically untraceable and impossible for anyone but him to retrieve,” an insider revealed to Radar. “The expert said it couldn’t be taken in a divorce, bankruptcy or by the government in any liens!”

It was also reported that Cosby’s legal bills have stacked up to the tune of $25 million…GEESH!

In an attempt to amp up his financial situation, he has now reportedly taken out mortgages on his California and New York homes. However, according to what an insider told the publication, Cosb’ “has “no intention” of paying his legal fees.’ That further makes his virtual currency investing look more suspicious.

As far as wife, Camille Cosby, Bill’s suspected of trying to hide his bread from her too; just in case she changes her mind and decides to divorce him and take damn near everything when he goes to prison – according to reports.

There are other suspicious factors that leads some experts to believe are signs that Bill has a bigger plan in store, based on his reported crypto-currency conversions.

Planning On Becoming A Fugitive???

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On September 24th, Bill Cosby will be learning his fate, when he’s sentenced for up to 30 years in the pen’ at the age of 81 years old. For those reasons, combined with his alleged Bitcoin investment, some experts believe he’s planning on pulling an El Chapo move on us- minus the underground tunnel escape part. Apparently, it’s suspected that he’s considering becoming a fugitive well before his sentencing date in September:

Via RO- Cosby’s Bitcoin scheme could also finance a potential escape from justice, according to a fugitive expert. “To me, it raises a huge red flag Opens a New Window,” said Frank Ahearn, author of “How to Disappear.”

“Cryptocurrency has decreased in value, and you’d have to be crazy to buy Bitcoin now. But it’s a great tool if you’re planning an escape. He could basically have a middleman in another country receive the money. He’d just need to go there to collect it.”

Cosby’s Reported Makeshift Prison Cell At Home

Cosby is currently on house arrest, with an ankle monitor, but here’s how he’s reportedly preparing for jail time:

[Cosby] is now preparing for the worst by hiring a prison consultant to coach him on life in the big house. Sources within his inner circle confirmed Cosby locks himself in a makeshift prison cell in his mansion’s third floor attic, eats prison-style meals prepared by his chef and demands his staff scold him if he goes off schedule!

“He moved a bed, a television Opens a New Window, a table and a telephone into an old storage space,” an insider revealed. “He comes out of the ‘cell’ six times a day!”

Not sure what Bill Cosby’s plan is -if there’s any so called ‘master plan’ at all- but one thing seems certain- he possibly has a traitor in his camp who’s spilling all kinds of beans to the media.