Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille Reportedly Considering Divorce After 2nd Love Child Claim Surfaces?

Posted On : June 20, 2019

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Bill Cosby’s post-incarceration life has been filled with more drama than a little bit. And there doesn’t seem to be any signs of it slowing up anytime soon. Recently we reported how Cosby is spending his time in prison, teaching life lessons to crowds of inmates up to three times a week. Some of those lessons include ways of being a better parent. Perhaps he may need his own advice soon, now that there are claims of him fathering a second love child. If this latest claim proves truthful, then he may lose his biggest supporter of all- his wife of 55 years, Camille.

First Time Around

This isn’t the first time Cosby has been accused of fathering a child outside of his marriage. In 1997 a woman, named Autumn Jackson, came out the woodwork with claims that she was supposedly Cosby’s illegitimate daughter. Though he admitted to an affair with Jackson’s mother, Shawn Upshaw, he denied that Autumn was his child. When Jackson threatened to take her story to the tabloids, Cosby sued her…and unfortunately for Jackson, it did not end well. The New York Post reports;

The married father of five acknowledged kids had admitted in an interview that he’d enjoyed a “rendezvous’’ with Jackson’s mother. And Cosby, who all but said that he was, at best, a lousy husband and, at worst, a rank hypocrite, testified that he paid the mother and daughter $100,000 over the years to keep his image-crushing extramarital affair a secret.

In the end, Cosby won slobbering applause from starstruck jurors who convicted Jackson of extortion, conspiracy and crossing state lines to commit a crime — she threatened to sell a story of his possible paternity to a supermarket tabloid if he failed to fork over $40 million.

Jackson was sentenced to twenty-six months in federal prison, and it was never revealed whether Cosby is her father or not.

Now, there’s another woman claiming that Cosby is the father of her son, and after a recent theft of Cosby’s personal items, a DNA test may, or may not, prove she’s right.

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