Billy Dee Is A Iconic Sex Symbol But His Wife & Their Kids Prefer Very Regular Lives

Posted On : July 10, 2018

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Right about now, everybody’s talking about the new deal acting legend, Billy Dee Williams, has just inked to reprise his upcoming “Star Wars IX” role as ‘Lando Carlissian.’ However, we’d rather talk about the personal successes he’s had with his wife and kids.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re more than elated to see Billy Dee out here making major moves at the age of 81. It’s a beautiful thing to see the brotha adding more depth to his legacy. It’s just that, although the “Star Wars” movie franchise is iconic, for many of us Old Schoolers, it’d be far more interesting if it were his “Lady Sings The Blues” or “Mahogany” movie characters that Billy Dee was reprising instead…if we’re keepin’ it real with y’all. Therefore, wth that said, back to his wife and kids….

How They Made It Last For 46 Years

Many of Billy Dee’s fans had no earthly idea he’s been married for the past 46 years, to his 78 year old wife, Teruko Nakagami (pictured above with Billy Dee Williams and his son). Y’all already know that 46 years of marriage in Hollywood years is something that we rarely see, especially for a long-time Hollywood sex symbol, like Billy Dee. He had women everywhere, throwing panties at him and trying to get with him at every waking moment, especially in his hey day, so his 46 year marriage success is damn near a miracle.

Somehow though, he and Teruko made it work, but as with most marriages, but as to be expected, it didn’t come without a few bumps in the road. Teruko once filed for divorce from Billy Dee in 1993, after 23 years of marriage. At that time, they ended up separating and Billy Dee’s spokesman back then, told Jet Magazine that “theirs is an amicable parting, not a messy Hollywood divorce.” Fortunately for the Mr. and Mrs., by 1997 they ended up resolving their issues and reunited like Peaches & Herb, which is how they’ve been ever since.

Meet Their Children

When Billy Dee Williams and Teruko first met, each of them had one child from previous marriages. Teruko had daughter, Miyako (b. 1962), with her ex-husband/jazz legend, Wayne Shorter. Billy Dee had son, Corey Dee Williams (b. 1960), with his first wife, Audrey Sellers. Teruko is Billy Dee’s third wife and once they wed in 1972, they eventually had their daughter, Hanako Williams (b. 1973). Like Teruko, both Hanako and Corey Dee live very private lives…unlike their mega superstar, Colt 45 pushin,’ “Dancing With the Stars” alumni pops.

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Hanako is married and has a son (both are pictured above) She works as the general manager for an upscale Beverly Hills, Ca. art gallery.

Corey Dee Williams (pictured below) lives a private, yet eclectic lifestyle. He’s a die-hard “Star Wars” fan and . Get this, he was even his dad’s stunt double in the Star Wars “Return of the Jedi” and several other TV and film roles. films. He’s also a fitness trainer, who’s worked with many legends in the entertainment game:

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Corey developed his passion for fitness and health while working at the prestigious Century West Club at the ABC Entertainment Center in Century City, California at the age of 18. … He began working as a fitness trainer in 1991 and has worked with celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Mykelti Williamson, Ice Cube, and has also trained WNPF world bench press champion Colonel Craig Berlette. -via

When he’s not training, Corey creates music with his band, 3D Nucleus. Like we said, he’s the more eclectic one outta the bunch…

Not much is known about Teruko’s and Wayne Shorter’s daughter, Miyako, other than…well, the fact that her name is Miyako.

At any rate, it’s pretty clear that Billy Dee Williams and his wife have worked hard at keeping their children out of the spotlight and trained them to live life for themselves, by following their personal passions.