Billy Dee Williams Revealed A Major Body Image Insecurity He Had

Posted On : August 20, 2015

billy dee nowILOSM fam’ this is pretty interesting. We’ve just found out that Billy Dee Williams, the man who’s name will forever be synonymous with the term “sex symbol,” had some major insecurities about his looks as a youngin.’ He revealed that he was an overweight child, weighing 150 pounds by the age of 10.

Clearly, he went on to have a true caterpillar to butterfly type of metamorphosis. He went into details of his insecurities beginning at an adolescent age, and even as an adult. Take a look at the details of his body image below:billy dee williams vintage [quote_box_center]A kid should grow up with some flaws because it makes you work a little harder, Williams said. “Sonny,” as his family calls him, “was a jolly little fat guy who weighed 150 pounds by the time he was 10,” his mother, Loretta Williams, told the magazine.

When other children chased him, “he’d be running and crying, and his pants would… [/quote_box_center]