Birdman Has New Teeth! Gets Rid Of $500,000 Platinum Teeth

Posted On : October 12, 2017

Oh wait….so Birdman has new teeth? Love will make you do crazy things huh? Well we don’t know if it’s love or just older age, but Birdman gave up his platinum grill for pearly whites!

The day before yesterday, Baby, aka Birdman showed off his different look and revealed his new teeth on Instagram.

In the first picture, Birdman is simply smiling in a selfie, wearing a grey shirt. The caption is all hashtags…

#stunnaman #lifestyle #shekeepanig*asmile #cashmoneymillionaires #stunnaisland🌴#richgang #Richlife #bedore anythang lifestyle

Is Toni Braxton The Reason?

The one that really stands out is, “#shekeepanig*asmile.” Which could be in reference to his BAE, Toni Braxton, or it could be his daughter. Either way it’s a change for Birdman, and we love it! He’s gettin’ his grown man on.

The Numba One Stunna posted a second image with is daughter. He was wearing a black shirt, sunglasses and his pearly whites.

birdman5starMe and mines @briawilliams1 #babygladys🌹 #RIchgirl #Richlife #shekeepaniggasmile #livinlegend #cashmoneymillionaires

Both pictures were met with a flood of positive comments including, “I have never seen you this damn vibrant since you been on the map. That’s what a ride or die will do for you,” “Love the new smile,” and “This look is you!”

Many are shocked and are wondering what happened to the grill that was worth over $500,000?

Fans are thinking that the new smile is because he’s got his grown man on and is because Toni Braxton is the reason for the change. After reading the comments, ain’t no tellin’ why he did it!

Fans React!

@gl00.marii Awe😭You look better😜🔥

@1queenbellab That’s what a good woman do to you!! 😁

@trey_day_3344 Evolution big ups to @birdman5star for evolving into his grown man shit! Next up Face tattoo removal.. Watch and see he going to remove them…

@dlp_photographer “Love Makes you do Some Great things”

@esses79Yesssss… I always believed one of the best features of a man’s character was his smile. Im loving the new Birdman look! #winningsmile

@crystalbenabey Beautiful smile and teeth

It’s unclear what, exactly, prompted Birdman to go natural. Many think it could have been Braxton. It has also been reported that wearing grills long term could lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Whatever the reason, it looks like a good move.

What do you think of the change?