Biz Markie Resurfaces To Pay Back His Debt To 50 Cent…In Food Stamps

Posted On : June 20, 2019

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As we all have heard by now, 50 Cent has been on a debt collection mission from everyone -past and present- who has ever owed him money. In his quest, he’s put his debtors on full blast on social media. Singer, Teairra Marie; rappers, Young Buck and Bow Wow; actor, Jackie Long; boxer, Adrien Broner; 50’s Power series producer, Randall Emmett; and hell, even 50’s Power co-star, actor/singer, Rotimi, have all gotten got by him. There is one debtor we were not expecting though- rap legend, Biz Markie.

Thankfully for Biz, he’s been able to squash the debt he owes 50 Cent once and for all. They both recently announced that the “You Got What I Need” rap star paid 50 his money…by way of a food stamps. They comically shared the message, along with Biz Markie’s payment, online and 50’s facial expressions were priceless.

In Biz Markie’s post, he had a smile on his face, with a caption that read:

Biz Markie- “I PAID #50cent THE MONEY I OWED HIM…”

Biz Markie and 50 Cent @OfficialBizmarkie @Instagram]

While 50 captioned his with the following:

50 Cent- “I ran into Biz markie back stage in Minnesota. I said Biz I always loved ya music and all that but I need that money you owe me. LOL 😆he had food stamps.”

Where Did Biz Find Those???
Though the food stamp pay-off appeared to be all in fun, the piercing question is: Where in the hell did Biz manage to cop some Old School food stamps from in this day in age? Did he visit a small town that has yet to have stepped into the 21st century with the food stamp cards? Or did he just so happen have a few food stamps still laying around his crib from the 80’s?

We may never get the answer to those questions, but it was a refreshing flashback, to lay our eyes on those infamous food stamps that many of us remember being sent to the grocery store with back in the day. Gotta love the Old School memories!