Black Twitter Is Roasting Taylor Swift, Accused Of Completely Ripping Off Beyonce’s Coachella Performance

Posted On : May 2, 2019

The old saying goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Well, if that’s the case then Beyonce’ is one of the most flattered artists of our time, especially when you take into account the droves of fans who copy her style, study her dance moves and model their career aspirations after hers. Even celebrities fall into that realm sometimes, as was the case last night during the Billboard Music Awards. And Oh, how Black Twitter noticed and they aren’t having any of this madness.

Deja Vu

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As awards shows go The Billboard Awards have always been the one where most people say “Oh yeah, that does come on tonight doesn’t it?” Therefore many react to the performances the next day. Clearly that was not the case last night because many were tuned in ready to be entertained by today’s hottest musical acts. One person who stays hot in the streets is Beyonce’, whose epic ‘Homecoming’ performance at last year’s Coachella is still being viewed by many after its initial debut. During the opening of last night’s awards show pop star Taylor Swift brought the house down with a performance that not only resembled Beyonce’s, it was basically the bland potato salad version of hers in every way possible. See for yourself.

Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking people were stupid enough to believe Taylor came up with this on her own, because other than a few tweaks here and there this is Beyonce’s performance. And after viewing it many took to Twitter to turn the heat all the way up and begin a roast so comical it needs its own multi-city tour.

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