Bobbi Kris Was Sole Heir To $20 Million Fortune, Who Gets It Now?

Posted On : July 28, 2015


not inherit anything given his divorce from Houston in 2007.

Here is what People reported about who will probably have control of Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance:

[su_quote cite=” by Michael Zennie” url=””]Before Whitney Houston died, she made preparations to ensure her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken care of, making her the sole heir to the singer’s estimated $20 million fortune.

Since she turned 21 in 2014, Brown has been receiving her inheritance in installments. She was set to receive 25 percent of the inheritance when she turned 25 and the rest of the estate on her 30th birthday. Now, following Brown’s tragic death on Sunday at the age of 22, questions quickly arose about what would happen to the money.

Houston’s will, which was drawn up in 1993 – years before Houston’s death in 2012 – dictates that in the event that Brown died unmarried and childless before the age of 30, the remainder of the estate would be distributed to Houston’s relatives, including her mother, Cissy Houston, and her two brothers, Michael and Gary. [/su_quote]

Hopefully the families’ attorneys are handling this matter as smooth and stress-free for the families as they possibly can.

7-28 BEAUTIFUL pic of bobbi kris waving byeWe’re very concerned about Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston, who at 81 years old, has now lost a daughter and her grandbaby. We are also deeply concerned about Bobby Brown and his state of mind right now. As a person who has struggled with his own issues in the past, we sincerely hope that he is maintaining his strength to be able to handle the heart-wrenching grief he’s experiencing right now. Like we said before, no parent should have to go through what he’s going through. Let’s continue to send one up for the Brown and Houston families.

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