Bobbi Kristina Death Investigators Eye Nick Gordon Again As Girlfriend Begs Judge To Free Him

Posted On : March 14, 2018
Nick Gordon’s Latest mugshot, following another domestic violence arrest

ILOSM fam’ we bring you breaking news straight from the ‘Ike & Tina category’ of our ‘WTH?!! files.’ Who had the disgraced honor of making that list today, you ask? That would be none other than Nick Gordon – the reportedly abusive former boyfriend of Whitney’s and Bobby’s late daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown – and his current girlfriend, Laura Leal. After he was arrested a couple days ago for allegedly beating his girlfriend, now she’s turned the tables and she’s taking the blame for the situation. Then, to make matters worse, she’s even begged a judge to let him off the hook…again.

Beggin’ and Pleadin’:

All this drama with Nick and Laura has everybody thinkin’ the same thing: WTH?!! After Nick’s creepy, sinister mugshot – with his newly snatched eyebrows – went viral on social media, people immediately thought Nick looked like the devil himself… or at least “Uncle Scar” from The Lion King.

However, his mugshot was a total 360 from the crying guy on the 911 call. Although police cited that Laura did have visible bruises, Nick’s call made it seem as though he was the one dodgin’ punches. So in a nutshell, it looks like Nick may have thrown a few punches but Laura definitely didn’t go down without a fight. Since she threw a few licks, she reportedly begged the judge to free her man. But that’s not all.

According to The Blast, Laura Leal has even begged the judge to drop their “no contact” order. “I would like to kindly ask you to lift the no-contact order that was placed against Nicholas Gordon and I,” she wrote. “I am not in any kind of fear or danger being around him and would like to be able to contact him as soon as possible.”

Nick’s seemingly love-blinded girlfriend also claims her lip wasn’t busted, just “chapped and dry.” Ummm….yeah. Then, she shifted the blame entirely, taking full responsibility for the incident, citing her previously undisclosed medical condition. “I suffer from severe anger issues in which Nick has been an incredible support to get my act together,” she wrote. “I am seeking help and determined to take the condition seriously as I have been diagnosed bipolar. He is not at blame, and should not be pushed into any trouble or consequences due to my actions.”

With this being the second time they’ve had to call the cops for a domestic incident, this may not be the best idea, but they say ‘love is blind’…and like Eve once rapped, “it’ll take over your mind.”

Nick Gordon’s girlfriend, Laura Leal (via Facebook)

A Free Man…But His Troubles Ain’t Over:

As of March 12, Nick Gordon posted a $500 bond and was released out of jail. But despite Laura’s attempt to do damage control, the arrest report tells a completely different story. According to US Weekly, Laura claims she’d been hit in the face multiple times after they got into an argument, while driving home from a bar in Sanford, CA. Police officers also noted that her lip was visibly swollen with dried blood. This probably explains the injuries to her lip, but nevertheless, she still insists they were just “chapped.”

Bobby Brown’s Helping Hand:

The latest news follows Bobby Brown’s heartfelt attempt to lend a hand to Nick’s seemingly confused and psychologically broken girlfriend. “Domestic violence killed my daughter, and on March 4, 2018, the Bobbi Kristina Brown Serenity House held our first event to strike back at domestic violence. I personally would like to extend my hand to Ms. Leal and offer her services through our organization,” the New Edition star said, referring to the nonprofit founded after Bobbi Kristina’s 2015 death. “I do not want to see any more families destroyed at the hands of domestic violence and I do not want any more women to suffer like my daughter did. We are here to assist and we hope to hear from Ms. Leal.”

Since she was the one beggin’ and pleadin’ for a judge to let Nick out, it doesn’t look like she’s willing to take help from anyone at this point.

Bobbi Kristina with dad, Bobby Brown (via Instagram)

Investigators Find New Hope For Bobbi’s Case?:

Despite gettin’ out of jail, Nick just keeps ending up on the wrong side of the law for allegedly puttin’ his hands on women. So, it’s probably safe to say this won’t be his last time getting into trouble, although we do hope that it is and he ultimately gets whatever help and/or ramifications he needs. To Bobby Brown, it may seem like Nick has managed to escape the law where Bobbi Kristina’s death is concerned, but Georgia investigators aren’t ready to just let Nick off the hook. Since Nick has been arrested for domestic violence twice in the past year, investigators are seeing a pattern of abuse that they didn’t previously have in order to establish a case against him before.

According to New York Daily News, Georgia investigators have expressed interest in Nick’s recent domestic ‘boxing matches’ with his girlfriend. It has now been reported that Georgia investigators have confirmed that they are aware of Nick’s arrests and the investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death is not a closed case. In fact, the investigation is still ongoing. Although Nick claims he’s the victim where Leal is concerned, Georgia investigators aren’t ready to look the other way just yet. So, there’s actually still a chance the Brown and Houston families could see Nick going to jail.

But for now, it’s all a waiting game, as investigators work to build a solid case. With all that’s happened between Nick and Laura it’s probably safe to assume this won’t be the last time they have a big argument. But hopefully they’ll soon decide to end their toxic relationship.