Bobby Brown Chokes Up About Bobby Kristina On Dr. Oz Show, So Sad

Posted On : November 11, 2015

fb bobby brown on dr ozYesterday (9-10-15) Bobby Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheridge, appeared on the Dr. Oz Show. Bobby B. spoke honestly about how he’s been coping with his beloved daughter’s, Bobbi Kristina’s, death and his wife expressed that she was a little concerned about how his health may be getting affected by the stress and grief he’s undergone in the past few months.

Dr. Oz asked a Bobby several questions pertaining to Bobby’s management of the stress and grief he’s been experiencing including whether or not Bobby was feeling any urges to go back to his old lifestyle of self medicating with drugs to numb his pain. Bobby confidently told Dr. Oz that is never happening and that he is very wise in his decision making now. He said that after 17 consistent years of sobriety, he is very head strong about never doing drugs again and he makes a consciuous effort every day of his life to continue to stay on the right path, which drew a big round of applause from the audience and a sigh of relief from everyone watching.

Bobby Brown on dr ozBobby also admitted that he “came close to giving up” at one point when Bobbi Kristina was in a coma, but it wasn’t until Dr. Oz asked Bobby about the foundation he has now started in Bobbi Kristina’s memory, The BK House- which gives other women who are in abusive relationships a safe place to stay to escape the abuse- that Bobby choked up and had to stop talking in mid-sentence. He then suggested that Alicia finish talking about it for him, which she did, as he tried to gather himself.

Bobby and Alicia had a baby girl in the summer of this year and Bobby said that his new little girl has actually helped him to cope with Bobbi Kris’ death. “Through her eyes, I can see my daughter Bobbi Kristina. I see all my kids in her eyes. I’m just grateful to have life,” he said. “That’s the greatest part of life.”

We were sent a lower quality video of Bobby’s interview, you can watch it below…

One of the most heart wrenching things in the world is watching a parent grieve the loss of their child. It’s just not the natural order of life and it’s something that no parent should ever have to endure. So to see Bobby B. experience his raw emotions in public like that is tough and we hope he is continuing to hold up as much as he can.

The investigation into what actually happened to Bobbi Kristina on the day she was found face down in her bathtub in January of this year, is still pending and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon is still listed as a person of interest. Bobbi Kristina’s estate also still has a pending lawsuit against Nick Gordon, which claims that he injected Bobbi Kris’ with a legal concoction of drugs prior to her being found unconscious.

At this point, all we can do is send positive energy to Bobby B. and the rest of the Brown and Houston families during this extremely painful time and if anyone did something to cause Bobbi Kris’ death, we hope the families get justice.