Bobby Frustratingly Denies Abusing Whitney..But Past Confession Comes Back To Haunt Him

Posted On : July 28, 2018

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Being a celebrity ain’t easy, Bobby Brown learned that long ago. However, his latest press conference has now reminded him of that fact…just in case he’d forgotten. On Friday (July 27, 2018) Bobby was confronted about the past violence that reportedly occurred during his 15 year marriage to the late, great, Whitney Houston, and lets just say, this didn’t go over too well for Bobby B.

Bobby Frustratingly Claims Lies

As Bobby was promoting his upcoming BET biopic miniseries, “The Bobby Brown Story,” he and the biopic’s stars took questions from reporters in the audience. That’s when things got hella awkward. In fact, according to People Magazine, Bobby cut the press conference short, after a reporters asked him about the abuse between he and Whitney, to which Bobby initiallyreplied:

“There were no violent incidents between myself and Whitney, so no.”

Then reporters pulled up transcripts of a 911 call from Whitney back in the day and Bobby’s response grew even more agitated:

Despite directly confronted with parts of a transcript of a 911 call made by the “I Have Nothing” singer, Brown denied the call was real. “No there wasn’t,” referring to calls to police. “You’re mistaken. You’re completely wrong.” “No,” he continued as reporters continued to bring up public records of calls to police. “The public record is wrong.”

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It was reported that Bobby commenced to cutting the press conference short, after reporters continued to question him about the domestic violence disputes he repeatedly said never happened. Unfortunately for our man, Bobby B., his 2016 interview in which he stated otherwise has now resurfaced with a vengeance…

Bobby’s Past Interview Shows Otherwise

The reason reporters were kept questioning Bobby about the alleged abusive, is because Bobby admitted to an abusive incident in his 2016 interview with Robin Roberts on “20/20.” That’s also not the only time he fessed up to the domestic spat between him and Whitney:

Via People: …In his 2016 memoir, ‘Every Little Step,’ Brown recounted an incident where he hit Houston. Brown also told Robin Roberts during a 20/20 interview promoting the book that he struck the singer during a time while he was “trying to maintain sobriety.” Brown said, however, that reports of him being a “woman beater” or overall “violent toward her,” however, are “just lies. … I’ve never been a violent man toward a woman ever,” Brown told Roberts.

During the press conference then acknowledged the bad boy image the press has attempted to paint him as throughout the years:

Via Snopes: Brown was asked what advice he would give the younger version of himself. “I don’t know that I’d give myself advice, because everything I’ve been through in my life, it’s made me the man I am,” he replied. “I don’t have regrets. I have bad feelings about some of the choices I’ve made. … The biggest misconception about him, he said, is “that I’m a bad guy. … I think the bad boy image came from me being on stage, not from me being a human being. If you see me in person, meet in person somewhere, you won’t call me a bad guy. You’d call me Bobby.”

Bobby’s latest conflicting accounts about never having had a violent incident with Whitney, has now cued up a collective eyebrow raise among some fans.

Overall, it seems that Bobby may have simply made a bad decision to lie, as a result of the reporter getting under his skin during the press conference. Typically, as most of us know by now, he’s usually an open book when it comes to his life and his downfalls. Just as he was when he painfully discussed the time he said he struck Whitney in his interview with Robin Roberts. So maybe we’ll all be hearing from Bobby soon about his prior statements, because he’ll probably wanna further clarify, or at least retract, the conflicting one he’s just given. Or else the media will never let him live that one down, until he does.