Bobbi Kris’ BF Nick Arrested For Beating New Girlfriend..Bruised Pics Surface

Posted On : June 10, 2017

ILOSM fam,’ things are looking pretty bad for the late Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, and his new girlfriend right about now.

His mugshot and photos of his girlfriend’s alleged bruised body have just surfaced after he was arrested for allegedly beating and kidnapping her. Check out the report and pics below…

Facing 2 Domestic Violence Charges:

Nick Gordon’s mugshot (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Nick Gordon — [Bobbi] Kristina Brown’s boyfriend…has been arrested for domestic violence and kidnapping his current girlfriend. Gordon was taken into custody Saturday afternoon in Sanford, Florida. He’s facing 2 charges — domestic violence battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult. Sources close to the girlfriend tell TMZ … Nick allegedly beat her up Friday night so badly, she had to go to the hospital. We’re told cops were called but he left before they arrived. We’ve obtained photos of some of the girlfriend’s alleged injuries.

Nick’s New Girlfriend’s Alleged Bruises




This Isn’t The 1st Time Nick’s Been Accused

Nick and Bobbi Kristina

If y’all recall, this isn’t the first time Nick has been accused of using his girlfriend as a punching bag. He is reportedly still currently a ‘person of interest’ in the pending criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death, in which she fell into a coma and ultimately died in July 2015, after being found passed out in her bath tub with bruises to her body and reportedly a few missing teeth. It’s also been reported, by some close to Bobbi Kristina’s and Nick’s past relationship, that they had an abusive history.

Bobbi Kristina with dad, Bobby Brown

Nick has maintained his innocence in the case of Bobbi Kristina’s death, but Bobbi’s father, Bobby Brown, and several other family members of Bobbi K.’s, feel differently. Bobby B. has publicly stated that he believes Nick had something to do with the cause of Bobbi Kristina’s death. Bobby B. also testified on behalf of his daughter’s estate’s civil wrongful death lawsuit against Nick- which Nick lost and currently owes $36 million to the estate after being found legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Not sure what all of the details are regarding this current domestic violence and kidnapping situation between Nick and his new girlfriend, but again, right about now, things ain’t looking to good for Nick, regardless of if he’s guilty or not.