Bobby’s Sister Demands ‘Justice’, Will ‘Expose Some Really Terrible Things’

Posted On : October 16, 2015

Things seems to be never ending with the death of Bobbi Kristina. And it seems like it keeps getting worse by the day, but us old schoolers have been around long enough to know that the root of this MONEY. It doesn’t matter the amount small or large, but in this case, it’s pretty large. Millions have been thrown around so loosely in Bobbi Kristina’s case, $10 million dollar lawsuit against Nick Gordon, Whitney’s $20 million dollar estate, Whitney’s $20 million dollar debt…oh the list goes on.

Well Leolah Brown didn’t mention the money, but she did break her silence on Facebook after weeks of staying silent on her niece, Bobbi Kristina’s funeral back in August.

She told fans last night to “ I would NEVER lie on anyone! There’s nothing for me to gain that way.”

She added, “I am hurting so badly right now for the death of my niece Bobbi Kristina and what REALLY happened to her! Hold on to your seat as as I expose some really terrible things!”

Image via Facebook (Leolah PrayerWorks)

Take a look at her Facebook post and tell us your thoughts on this. Do you think there’s more to this story then we can imagine or is the issue money?