Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Rapper Has Baby With Mistress & Wife Discusses His “Devastating” Affairs

Posted On : May 7, 2019

Layzie Bone and wife, Felicia (center, top row) with their children on daughter’s wedding day [Instagram]
Felicia’s struggle to protect their kids from cheating scandals surrounding Layzie Bone:

“There’s so many emotions that went along with that and it’s devastating. Especially when you have kids that can turn on the TV…and look online and see certain things. Trying to shield them from that is a hard process when you’re in the limelight. It’s very difficult.”

Then the healing process is a little bit longer because if you weren’t in the light, you wouldn’t be asked so many times about it — confronted so many times about it.”

Layzie Bone and wife, Felicia [Instagram]

Who she blames- her husband, Layzie, or the “devious” women?:

“I’ve dealt with so much, so much — when I tell you so much hate about the relationship. Some women are very, very devious when they’re trying to go after what they feel is an established male. I been though a lot.

…I don’t blame the women, though — I blame him. Whenever you give a person the green light, they got it. You either give it to them or you don’t. A person can only be as grimy as you allow them to be. It’s been a devastating roller coaster. Our marriage is still affected by it. It’s still a great deal of repair that has to take place.”

Through it all, Felicia- who is also a singer and an author- says she’s working on ’empowering herself’ and other women, through her craft and her books. Wishing all involved the very best, especially the children who are merely innocent bystanders in the equation.