“Bookman’s” Real Life Daughter Starred In This Popular “Good Times” Episode

Posted On : June 8, 2018

Like we say a lot around here, we learn something new everyday. Did you know that Johnny Brown a.k.a. “Bookman” from Good Times has a daughter who was the star of a VERY popular Good Times episode? If you’re a Good Times fan, I’m sure you remember her role because that episode was one of the most memorable ones of that whole season.

fun girl old
“Bookman’s” daughter, Sharon Brown as “Fun Girl” on “Good Times”

Johnny’s daughter is the one who was in the ‘Breaker Breaker’ episode. Yep you’re seeing this right, she is none other than “Fun Girl!” Remember she was the girl in the wheelchair who deceived Michael over the CB (The world’s first Chat Line…LOL)?

Her name is Sharon Brown and you’ve scene her on many shows and movies throughout the years, but one of my personal favorites was this “Fun Girl” role because I always thought that scene was monumental.

Sharon Brown ("Fun Girl") with her dad, Johnny Brown ("Bookman")
Sharon Brown (“Fun Girl”) with her dad, Johnny Brown (“Bookman”)

You’ve probably also watched Sharon in other roles. Remember she played the young “Louise” on The Jeffersons episode titled, “And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds?” She’s also starred in other TV roles on A Different World (as the opera diva Angela, in the episode starring Gladys Knight) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the CBS soap opera Love of Life in 1971, and on the NBC soap, Generations from 1989 to 1990. Her film credits include movies such as A Chorus Line (1985), For Keeps (1988), Sister Act 2 (1993), What’s Love Got to Do with It (1993), Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999). Sharon’s also worked frequently as a stage actress on Broadway and on stage plays like The Wiz, Rent, Dreamgirls, and others.

“Fun Girl” is now 53 and get this…she is looking better than ever! She definitely gives a whole new meaning to aging gracefully. She’s now a fitness guru and her husband is also the child of a celebrity we all know. Her husband is…

Sharon Brown ("Fun Girl") and husband, Billy Blanks Jr.
Sharon Brown (“Fun Girl”) and husband, Billy Blanks Jr.

Billy Blanks Jr., the son of fitness guru and creator of the ‘Tae-Bo‘ brand, Billy Blanks. This explains why Sharon also goes by the name of Sharon Catherine Blanks. Sharon and Billy Jr. have been married for 11 years and Sharon’s been a fitness instructor for 15 years.They have a fitness program titled “Dance Out” and they appeared on the “Dr. Oz” Show not to long ago and he dubbed them the “Fat Fighting Couple.”

Wow! From “Fun Girl” to fitness guru, Sharon can do it all. Go ‘head Sharon! I’m sure her Pops is proud.

Johnny Brown (Bookman) has stayed busy in television for 40+ years. After Good Times ended, Brown could be seen in such series as The Parkers, Everybody Hates Chris and the 2012 and 2013 films In Da Cut The Movie and In Da Cut.