Boris Kodjoe’s Graphic Slip-Up During Workout Video Sends Female Fans Into Mass Hysteria

Posted On : May 25, 2019

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Empire actress, Nicole Ari Parker, might have to form a human shied around her husband, Boris Kodjoe, after the lustful goings-on that women -young and older- are fantasizing about him right now. You see, Boris has just sparked a thirst-filled firestorm on social media with his recent workout video clip…but apparently it was a total hiccup on his end.

But First…Congrats To The Mr. & Mrs…
Before we get into why the ladies are leaving thirsty online comments for Boris, let us first give him and Nicole an Old School fist bump and round of applause for accomplishing what many celeb’ couples oftentimes cannot. They have just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary and Boris shared the following loving message for his wifey on Instagram:

Boris’ Graphic Workout Slip-Up…
Now, onto the reason ladies are talking about Boris. The model-turned-actor took to social media to share with his followers, the jump rope exercise he likes to do as a pre-workout warm-up. While doing so, hie female fans’ thoughts instantly fell to lustful levels, because jumping rope wasn’t the only thing in the vid’ that was uh…jumping, if y’all catch my drift…and if you didn’t catch it, peep the video clip up below…

Boris’ Female Fans’ Reactions Were Priceless…

Comments via Shaderoom

newci****: Just keep hopping Boris, just keep hopping

rya******: Cause its a 11:30 and boris nuts is jumpin jumpin or whatever tf destinys child said.

mcu******: I see somethin jumpin and it aint the rope 👀

1m_____m3: Somebody said it’s small 😩😂😫 But it’s not hard yet lol

glad****: Whyyyyy am I like this 😩😩😩 my eyes was only focused on his peepee 😅

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