Brandy Strikes Up An Old R&B Beef With Monica And Gets Dragged By Fed Up Fans

Posted On : July 9, 2018

It seems like as soon as these ladies take 2 steps forward, they take 2 steps back. Singer, Monica, has acknowledged that she’s grown past any alleged beefs, but it appears that Brandy just can’t let it go. While performing at the 2018 Essence Festival, Brandy sang the classic song, “The Boy Is Mine,” which was her popular duet with Monica. At the closing of the song, Brandy seemed to throw shade at Monica once more and the fans are fed up with her pettiness.

Brandy Takes Shots At Monica At The Essence Festival:

Even though their 1998 song, “The Boy Is Mine,” was a hit, it reportedly sparked negative energy between the two ladies and the energy is seemingly still there to this day. At one point, it appeared as if Monica and Brandy had let sleeping dogs lie, but apparently, Brandy’s still in her feelings. Keeping the beef going during her recent Essence Fest performance, it appeared that Brandy took some shots at Monica.

While singing their song, “The Boy Is Mine,” Brandy switched changed up the lyrics. She performed the song acapella and caused confusion when she said to the audience, “The Song Is Mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?”

What would prompt her to sing those lyrics??

See The Performance Below:

Instead of fans focusing on the talents of Brandy, they couldn’t get past her level of pettiness. Brandy’s decision to change the lyrics sparked an uproar of tweets and comments from fans, who thought Brandy was being immature once more.

Here’s What Some Fans Had To Say:

“brandy at it again with the shade”

“Now the shade idk what’s going on okay. I’m just speaking on her voice. Love them both okay ❤️”

“The song wouldn’t have done SHIT without @monicabrown! FACTS!!! #noliestold  Brandy needs to grow up.”

“but the song wouldn’t be what is was without Mo. Idc how vocally strong she is. She couldn’t get a hit that big and a grammy without Monica. #bishbye”

“I know Brandy deep voiced, ant face, man sounding irrelevant *ss better keep Monica name out her mouth PERIODT. Dried up *ss get an audience of 20 people and show out. Weird *ss h*e just like her flop *ss brother still tryna get Kim K attention. She need to claim her baby too since she carried Ray J’sYou know what else is yours Brandy? The life you took cuz your flop *ss can’t drive. Star in an episode of How to Get Away with Murder and leave the singing to Monica. and whats that lil boxing move she did at the end? H*e TOUCH Monica and watch the whole Atlanta beat her *ss. BYE BYE MOESHA✌”

Brandy And Monica Are Not Meant To Be Friends:

There has always been an elephant in the room when it comes to their relationship. It’s clear they’re not best friends, but definitely not enemies either. However, the ladies have thrown subtle shade towards one another over the years. At one point, things even allegedly became violent between them in the late 1990’s, but neither of them have yet to thoroughly clarify that in public. After their second duet, “It All Belongs To Me,” released in 2012, their rumored feud seemed to be behind them. Throughout the years though, Brandy and Monica sparked more rumors of bad blood between them, by periodically displaying that love-hate thing. This is just another example.

ILOSM family is time for Brandy to chill with the Monica shade, or nah?