Breaking: Wendy Williams Files For Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Posted On : April 11, 2019
Probe Media

Friends of Williams have publicly expressed concern for her and her marriage to Hunter. Her longtime friend Paul Porter previously telling The Post that divorce was her only hope.

He described Hunter as a “control freak” and “a terror.”

Porter claims they went to couples counseling, but “for some reason, she can’t break away.”


Her former radio co-host Charlamagne Tha God also expressed concern on his radio show The Breakfast Club.

He claimed that Hunter was “sucking the life out of” Williams and that he was a “horrible human being.

He also admitted he introduced Hunter to his alleged mistress 10 years ago, but it was solely for business reasons.

“Just because I introduce you to someone doesn’t mean 10 years later you need to be in a picture with them showing all your teeth and her throwing up duck lips and a peace sign,” Charlamagne said.

His comments came after pictures emerged of Hudson and Hunter on what seemed like a vacation. 

Williams and Hunter met at a skating rink in 1994. They married three years later and welcomed their son, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000.