Brittany Spears Accuses Ex-Husband Of Using Her To Help His “Moesha” Actress Ex

Posted On : August 3, 2018

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When Kevin Federline and Brittany Spears first popped up married after just three months of dating, damn near everyone around them thought they’d lost their ever-lovin’ mind. Former “Moesha” star, Shar Jackson, however, thought they were hella foul for the marriage move they’d made at that time. Now, it’s Brittany who apparently thinks that Kevin is up to some shady mess when it comes to Shar and the two children he shares with her.

Kevin has several seeds. Shar has two children with Kevin Federline- son, Kaleb Federline, 14, (born July 2002) (14) and daughter, Kori Federline, 16, (born July 2004). She also has two older kids- daughter, Cassalei (24), and son, Donovan (25)- from her prior relationship with her high school boyfriend. Both of Brittany’s and Kevin’s children were born in the same month of September- Sean Federline was born in September 2005 and son, Jayden Federline, was born in September 2006. Kevin also has two younger children with his wife, Victoria Prince.

What Brittany Spears Is Accusing Shar’s Ex Of

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Brittany and her legal team are now accusing Kevin of trying to get more money out of her to take care of is other children with Shar and Victoria:

Via TMZ: Britney Spears’ legal team is about to square off with Kevin Federline’s in an L.A. court, and the central issue is going to be whether Kevin needs additional child support for the 2 kids he had with Britney or whether it’s because he’s trying to get her to support his other 4 kids.

Britney has been paying Kevin $20k a month in child support for years. In addition to the support checks, we’re told Britney pays for the kids’ tuition and related school expenses, clothing, extracurricular activities (including sports), and various other expenses. In all, she forks over around $35k a month. … Kevin’s lawyer has reportedly demanded $60k a month … which Britney and her conservator, Jamie Spears, have refused to pay. We’re told Jamie is agreeable to raising child support by around $10k a month, despite the fact he believes Kevin doesn’t really pay for anything related to the kids.

Shar Put Kevin And Brittany On Blast

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When Kevin and Brittany first began dating in 2004, Kevin’s then fiancee, Shar, was very pregnant with her and Kevin’s youngest son, Kaleb. Shar revealed that before she gave birth to Kaleb, Kevin had jumped ship, ended the engagement, and started dating Brittany instead.

Then, in a seemingly evil twist of events, Kevin and Brittany announced their engagement in July 2004- the SAME month, his and Shar’s then newborn, Kaleb, was born. Two months later, in September 2004, Brittany and Kevin were married (they divorced by 2006).

Shar has been very vocal about how heartbroken she was by the way Kevin and Brittany trampled all over her feelings at that time. She also blasted them in a prior interview:

Via Fox:”How do you call yourself a human being knowing that you put somebody else through that pain?” Jackson asks of Spears in the December issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. “That’s a vicious cycle right there, man. We gotta break that.”

She and Federline “are still really good friends,” Jackson says, but she doesn’t want child support.

“Hell no. I am a very, very independent woman, OK? If I wanted child support that’s an easy procedure,” she tells the magazine. Instead, “All I want from Kevin is his time with his children. That’s it, bottom line.”

Kevin ultimately apologized to Shar Jackson in a very emotional reunion during their 2010 stint on “Celebrity Fit Club.”