Brother Of Ralph Tresvant Discussed His Painful Life Struggles After Ralph’s Success

Posted On : July 16, 2019

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By now, most of New Edition’s fans have seen their BET biopic, The New Edition Story, and learned that Ralph Tresvant has a younger brother. In case you didn’t catch that part of the movie a few years ago, it was in the first episode of the 3-part miniseries, when the ‘kid-Ralph’ and his N.E. brothers were trying to find a fifth member. ‘Kid-Ralph’ told their then-manager, Maurice Starr, they couldn’t possibly pick his little brother because he’d “just learned to walk a year ago.” Well, fast forward to today and we’ve found Ralph’s baby bro.’

The Tresvant brothers are really tight and now they’ve shared stories about their family, their beloved Mother, and their days coming up in Boston, MA.

Meet Ralph Tresvant’s Brother

Introducing Andre Tresvant. He’s 41 years old and has nothing but love and admiration for his 51 year old brother, Ralph.

Ralph Tresvant’s brother, Andre Tresvant

In the video below, the Tresvant brothers reminisced and laughed about how Andre was bad as hell as a child; and how their mom, Patricia Tresvant, had to repeatedly go to school for him. Andre also recalled how their Momma once pulled up on the school playground angered, rockin’ her house robe and slippers, after Andre came home and told her one of his teachers had just called him a “ni&&er.” They both agreed that Mama Tresvant was NO joke when it came to protecting her babies.


Andre Tresvant Reveals Extreme Hardships After Their Mother Sadly Passed Away

Sadly, Ralph’s and Andre’s beloved mother, Patricia Tresvant, passed away and Andre revealed a few upsetting things that happened to him afterwards, which the world didn’t know. If you saw The New Edition Story, you probably recall the “Home Again” album photoshoot scene, when Mike Bivins and Ronnie Devoe were feeling bad for Ralph after he’d lost his mother. She passed away just before all six of the N.E. members were preparing for their 1996 “Home Again” album release/tour.

Throwback photo of Ralph Tresvant with his and Andre’s mother, Patricia Tresvant

Andre said he was just 16 years old when he and Ralph’s Mom died and that he’d been living in California when they moved there when he was age 7 (after they’d moved there from Boston, MA). According to Andre, his world was turned upside down when his mother, Patricia, died- he was left alone in Cali. to fend for himself at just 16 years old. He says he had no family there to help him,  they were mostly still living in their hometown of Boston.

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