After Burying Father, Janet Jackson Releases Special Message To Fans

Posted On : July 4, 2018

It’s been less than a week since the Jackson family buried their patriarch Joe Jackson and, already, Janet is back to work. According to B. Scott magazine, Janet recently shared a few posts on Instagram addressing her father’s death. In addition to that, she also had a special message for fans about her upcoming performance.

A Warm Thank You:

On yesterday, Janet posted a throwback photo of her and her father. With that photo, she included a heart. Then, she shared a video message to her fans finally addressing the elephant in the room. While she did admit it’s been a rough week, she also insisted she’s forging on. “Hey you guys, it’s been a pretty rough week,” Janet said in the clip, referencing her father Joe — who died from pancreatic cancer on June 27. After addressing her father’s bittersweet death, she moved on to another major moment for her fans – the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans.

Despite the loss she’s suffered, she has confirmed she will be performing this weekend. “But we’re excited. I’m excited,” Janet continued. “We cannot wait to see you. It’s been way too long. I miss you guys way too much. I’m about to jump on this plane and start this tour. Like I said, I can’t wait to see you. I love you, I’ll see you soon.” With the video, she also included a caption that read, “Thank u for all your love and support. Means so much to me during this time.”


Despite Joe Jackson’s reputation for his stern, strict brand of parenting, things were actually a bit different for Janet. Although all 11 of Jackson’s children had personal struggles maintaining intimate relationships with him, Janet admitted she actually saw him angry far less than her brothers did. When the famed singer/performer appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan back in 2011, she opened up about her relationship with her father. “He’s very tough…” Janet told Piers Morgan.

She admitted by the time she and Randy were born, things had changed drastically for the Jackson family. She revealed her older brothers often noted how their parents were a bit more lax with their younger children. “When my brother Randy and I came along, I think my parents got pretty tired,” she explained. “Having nine kids and raising these children, my other brothers and sisters would say, ‘You guys have it so easy.’ My parents were a lot more lenient with us. I thought I had it very strict.”

Of course, we’ve all heard the horror stories about the beatings Michael and his brothers endured, but Janet admitted that she had only been hit once. “I was very young, I remember being younger than 8,” she recalled. “I can’t remember what it was that I did. I can’t remember if I truly deserved it. … My father never touched me aside from that time.”

Good Intentions?:

Lots of people have many different opinions about Joe Jackson and Janet has admitted that her father definitely had issues. However, she has always believed her father meant well and only wanted the best for his children. “He has his issues, his things, and the way that he was brought up. He’s set in his ways. I think he did the best that he could,” Janet said. “I think he did a wonderful job with us, the outcome. But the way he went about it, I don’t know if I agree with that. But we turned out okay.”

She continued, “My father means well,” she continued. “I think he means well and wants nothing but the best for his kids. I just think the way he went about certain things wasn’t the best way. But it got the job done. And that’s because of maybe how he was raised, doing what he thought was best. Not knowing any better.”

 Fans can catch Janet Jackson live at the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. She will be performing on the Main Stage on Sunday, July 8.

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