Rapper Son Of Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys) Will Make You Think You’re Seeing Double

Posted On : May 29, 2018

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We can’t think of 80’s/90’s hip hop, without reminiscin’ about the days of The Geto Boys. Bushwick Bill, Scarface, and Willie D were one of the first rap groups to put the south on the map in the hip hop world. One of my personal favorites was their classic hit, “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me.” Ironically, after seeing Bushwick Bill’s son, I thought MY mind was playing tricks on ME, because he is the splitting image of his legendary pops.

Meet Bushwick Bill’s Son, Rapper Yung Knxw

Introducing Yung Knxw (YK), also known as Bushwick’s son! Nah, you’re not seeing double, you’re seeing the 22 year old offspring of a rap legend, who’s following in his pops footsteps.

As you can see, he looks like Bushwick spit him out. The main difference is their height. Bushwick made history as the first little person ever to become a multiplatinum selling rap artist.

Bushwick Bill’s son, Yung Knxw

Although his son, YK, doesn’t seem to technically be a little person, he is shorter than average, which in my opinion helps to make him stand out in an industry where artists are always searching for unique identity.

The other cool thing about Yung Knxw is that, most people have no clue he’s Bushwick’s son. Why? Because YK prides himself off the fact that he’s been grindin’ and building his career without leaning on his father’s fame. He’s been releasing music for the past couple of years and is signed to the same record label as The Geto Boys were signed to, Rap-A-Lot Records.

Even though Yung Knxw doesn’t like to use his dad’s name as a crutch, he still has major respect for the legacy Bushwick built and oftentimes pays homage to him online. They also perform together every now and then. How cool is that, right?!!

Unknown Facts About Bushwick Bill

1. Scarface revealed that Bushwick Bill at just 21/22 years old, had an incredible business saavy. At that age, prior to becoming a rapper, he’d already owned a few successful car lots in their hometown of Houston, TX.

2. Willie D told Vlad TV that he was the one who came up with the idea to have Bushwick Bill in The Geto Boys, after their original group member, Jukebox, quit. Prior to that, Bushwick was just their homie and occasional hype-man, with zero rap skills. When Willie D suggested to Scarface and Rap-A-Lot Records owner, J. Prince, that Bushwick join the group, he got laughed at because no one thought Bill was capable…until Willie D wrote his rhymes and Bushwick executed them with precision…the rest is history.