Bushwick Bill’s Family Slams Scammers Profiting Off His Death & Asks Fans For Help

Posted On : June 20, 2019

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At a time when Bushwick Bill’s family should only have to deal with their grief and sorrow over his passing, they are forced to also fight against money hungry scammers, out to profit off Bushwick’s death. Nevertheless, they are pushing back against the nonsense and speaking put to inform his fans, as well as ask for the public’s assistance.

Daughter Let’s Fans Know What’s Really Up…
In a new public statement issued by Bushwick Bill’s daughter, Delmera, it’s now been brought to our attention that people are attempting to stage fake public memorials for Bushwick…for profit. Here’s what his daughter had to say:

“Over the last few days, several people people promoted events, claiming to be the ‘official’ Bushwick Bill memorial, in an attempt to make money. The family is in NO WAY affiliated with these events.”

His daughter went on to confirm that “all information pertaining to Bushwick Bill’s memorial” will only be shared by herself, Bushwick’s Geto Boys group member, Scarface; his manager, Jakk; and publicist, Dawn P. Anyone else sharing any other info, should be considered a fraud.

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Bushwick Bill with daughter, Delmira [Instagram]
Bushwick Bill’s GoFundMe Fund…
Bushwick’s children are also spreading the word about the Go Fund Me page, that has been created in their father’s name, to raise funds for his memorial expenses and combat the fake memorials being pushed by scammers:

This is the official fund established in honor of the late Richard Shaw, better known as Bushwick Bill. This was created in response to the hundreds of people that have reached out and inquired about how they can help, as well as to combat the recent fake/unauthorized memorial events being promoted and claiming to donate proceeds to the family. ALL donations will be contributed toward his family’s expenses, as well as carry out Bill’s final wish that his 4 kids are financially taken care of. Whether you’re donating or sharing this page, we thank you, and we appreciate your support.

As we stated in our prior article, Bushwick Bill was a true family man at heart, who loved his four children more than life itself. Each of his kids were by his side throughout their lives, and they were also by his side when he transitioned from this earth.

New Reports About Bushwick’s Last Days…
By the way, new reports have surfaced, that shortly before his passing on June 9, 2019, Bushwick Bill had secretly relocated from a Houston, TX hospital, to a Colorado holistic healing facility. The reason was reportedly due to the alternative medicine and cleaner air he chose to receive, after Houston doctors warned that he may encounter an infection if he’d remained hospitalized at the Houston hospital.

His family is said to have told the media he was being treated at the Houston hospital, after he’d already arrived at the Colorado facility, due to privacy wishes…understandably so. Rest on Bushwick Bill.