Rappers, Busta Rhymes And Kid, Have Children For Same Woman…They’re Daughters Are Stunning

Posted On : January 8, 2021
Busta Rhymes (L); Christopher “Kid” Reid of Kid N’ Play (R)

Here, at I Love Old School Music, we are proud truth diggers, who are always diggin’ for truth. This time, we did a lil’ diggin’ and came up with some pretty interesting history regarding rap legends, Busta Rhymes, and Kid N’ Play’s, Christopher “Kid” Reid.

Kid and Busta were clearly two totally different types of rappers, so it may seem unexpected that they’re even being mentioned in the same sentence. However, they have one factor in common- the Mother of their adult children. Yep, things got pretty interesting back in the day, and their daughters are very beautiful women today.

First, A Few Fund Facts About Kid’s & Busta’s Past With Ex

Kid Reportedly Married Their Kids’ Mom First
At the height of his career, then 20-something year old Kid reportedly married the Mom of his and Busta’s kids: “Within the span of a year and a half, I went from touring and being single to being married with…kids. It was crazy.”

After Split From Kid, Ex Linked Up With Busta
Following their ex’s split from Kid, things sparked between she and Busta in the late 90’s. However, Busta’s relationship with her seemed a bit more complex than Kid’s.

Busta Had Child With Daughter’s Mom And Another At Same Time
Things apparently were a bit complex with Busta’s relationship with their children’s Mother, because he had two daughters born in 1998- one with Kid’s baby mama and one with another woman. He’s been a father to both of them though.

Busta Was Then Blessed With Another Child The Next Year, With Different Mom
Busta Blessed With Another Child The Next Year, With Different Mom Apparently Busta’s relationship with Kid’s baby mama didn’t last too long, because the following year (1999) Busta was blessed with another child (a son) by a different woman- his now ex-wife.

Meet Their Ex & The Children Busta & Kid Share With Her

Kid’s Daughters Are Beautiful

Kid’s and Rhonda’s daughter, Cailin Reid (L), with his daughter, Christina (R, from a prior relationship)

In 2017, Kid’s and Rhonda’s daughter, Cailin (pictured above, left), graduated from UC Riverside University as a bioengineering major. Kid is hella proud of course. His other daughter (pictured, R) is from a prior relationship.

Kid’s Son Is His Twin Though

Kid’s and Rhonda’s son, Cameron Reid, is a professional model

Kid and his ex, Rhonda, are big uppin’ their son these days, for following his passion and becoming a successful fashion model. In one online post, Kid shared the above photo of their son, Cameron Reid, and captioned it with following:

“The youngun is killing it…..swag on 900 right now.”

Busta’s Daughter, Cacie

Busta Rhymes with he and Rhonda’s daughter, Cacie

Busta’s & Rhonda’s daughter, Cacie, ain’t a kid anymore, but she was adorable back then. Cacie was born during the height of Busta’s career in 1999. At 21 years old, Cacie’s stunning and lookin’ exactly like her proud Pops.

Throwback Of How Their Baby Mama Used To Look, But There’s More…

Throwback: Rhonda, the mother of Busta Rhymes’ and Kid’s children pictured with their kids.

The above photo is of Kid’s and Busta’s ex, Rhonda, holding daughter Cacie (Busta’s child); and son, Cameron, and daughter, Cailin- (Kid’s children)

More Recent Photo Of The Mother Busta’s & Kid’s Children

Rhonda (L, mother of Kid’s and Busta Rhymes children, pictured with their kids

Not much has changed with Rhonda (pictured above, far left). She’s still a banger and still sportin’ her fly short hairdo.

One Big Happily Blended Hip Hop Family!

Christopher “Kid” Martin of Kid N’ Play (pictured 3rd from right) having a blast with his and Busta’s kids and mother of their children, Rhonda (far left), and an unnamed family member (far R)

Kid had a bended family outing with not only his two kids with Rhonda, but also with Busta’s daughter, Cacie, as well. Looks like these days, it’s all love between the exes and their just one big happy hip hop family!