Cancer Stricken Bushwick Bill Shuts Down Geto Boys Reunion Tour At Last Minute Over Disrespect

Posted On : May 24, 2019

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Rap legend, Bushwick Bill, has been dealing with a lot lately, as he fights to beat stage 4 cancer, and now, he he’s seeing to it that no unnecessary negative vibes are thrown into his lap. Therefor, he has now derailed the Geto Boys Reunion tour one day before it he and group members, Scarface and Willie D, were scheduled to get the 4 city tour poppin’ on Friday (May 25, 2019).

According to Bushwick, his cancellation had nothing to do with his group members, but everything to do with the name of the tour, which he believes was designed to profit off of his cancer battle.

In case y’all hadn’t heard, in April 2019, Bushwick asked Scarface and Willie D to do the tour with him, suggesting that they meet up to discuss details after his then upcoming doctor’s appointment. Sadly, that doctor’s visit is when rap star learned he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Like a true warrior though, Bushwick Bill still vowed to go through with the reunion tour. That was before the organizers disrespected him, by glorifying his illness, according to Bushwick.

After Bushwick publicly revealed his cancer diagnosis, the tour’s organizers reportedly changed the Geto Boys reunion tour name to “The Beginning of A Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell.”

Bushwick Bill Tells His Side Of The Story About Quitting Tour…
The tour’s name change made Bushwick heated, and now he’s speaking out about it, as well as announcing his NEW, separate tour:

Bushwick- I didn’t like the title. Simple. It didn’t speak life into my situation, but instead promoted the idea of impending death. I believe in the power of the tongue and speaking things into existence (whether you intend to or not.) If the tour was speaking life and good health, cool. But if I got on stage and performed, then I’m basically agreeing that I’m starting a journey on a “long goodbye”.

That’s not the energy I want to put out there. I refuse to even entertain that thought. And anyone who genuinely cares about me wouldn’t support nothing of that nature either. I’m going to fight this cancer 💯. And with your support and prayers, I’m gonna beat it too. #GoodVibesOnly
Be on the lookout for the “Phuck Cancer” tour which kicks off June 8th in Dallas,
Texas .

Due to Bushwick pulling out of the Geto Boys tour, the promoters cancelled it altogether.

One thing about Bushwick Bill is that cancer, or no cancer, dude is always gonna fight for what he believes is right. Wishing him a 100% recovery and keeping him in our thoughts and prayers at this time.