Caught On Camera: Cops Give New Details & Show Photo Of Suspect Bun B Shot During Home Invasion

Posted On : April 25, 2019

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On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, we reported that UGK rap legend, Bun B., was forced to shoot a home intruder who held his wife at gun point on Tuesday evening. Thankfully, Bun B. and his wife, Queenie, were not harmed. The suspect was later hospitalized with a gun shot wound and was arrested on 3 felony charges for the crime.

Now that suspect, DeMonte Jackson, has his official court appearance on Wednesday, new details have been revealed, as well as the video surveillance footage at Bun B’s home…

Latest Details About Home Invasion At Bun B’s Home

Screenshot of suspect outside Bun B.’s home [via ABC 13 News]

Via Houston’s ABC13 News:”He [DeMonte Jackson] was seen trying to force his way into other homes in the neighborhood and was successful in forcing his way into their home, and put a gun to his wife’s head,” said attorney Charles Adams, who represents Bun B.

ABC13 Eyewitness News obtained video of a person neighbors identified as Jackson. He is seen on video wearing all black and casing the high end townhome development just south of NRG stadium.

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Queenie answered the door, thinking that it was a delivery from Amazon, but what happened next nearly cost Bun B.’s wife her life. According to court documents, suspect, DeMonte Jackson, stuck a gun in her face, demanding jewels and other expensive property.

When Queenie immediately offered the robber the keys to her Audi, the court records show just how terrified she was. “In fear of her life she told the suspect, ‘Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, just take the car,'” a court reported read during Wednesday’s hearing, regarding Bun B’s wife’s encounter with DeMonte Jackson.

It was also revealed that when Bun B. heard the commotion downstairs, he immediately grabbed his gun and ran toward where his wife was. He soon found the suspect in their garage, attempting to take her car.

Although initial reports stated that DeMonte got away with Queenie’s Audi, court records show that he did not. Instead, when Bun B caught him in their garage, the rap legend let off several shots at DeMonte, who then fled the scene, car-less, while simultaneously firing back at Bun B.

Bun B. was able to ID suspect from a photo lineup…

Suspect in Bun B’s home invasion, DeMonte Jackson [via ABC 13 News]

ABC13: Police were called, and officers presented a photo line up to Bun B. Even though Jackson wore a mask during the alleged home invasion, Bun B was able to identify him by his long hair and distinctive tattoo.

“Bun and Queen aren’t just clients, but they are close friends,” Adams said. “Terrifying ordeal and thank God they’re okay.”

Wounded Suspect Showed Up To Court Hearing With Arm In A Sling

Why Bun B has not spoken out…
According to ABC 13 News, Attorney Charles Adams ‘said he advised Bun B not to speak publicly right now.’

I’m so glad that Bun B. and Queenie were not harmed. The suspect also needs to be showing gratitude, because his dangerously ignant act of senseless violence, could have very well led to his senseless death. Hopefully that brotha learns a valuable lesson from this and changes his life going forward.