Celebrity Siblings: Terry Lewis’ Brother Is An ’80s Music Legend Too

Posted On : April 7, 2021
Terry Lewis of the hit-making duo, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis, of the dynamic producing duo, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, has a brother who is just as famous as he is! If you are an ’80s R&B fan, you have seen his brother entertain fans for many years and he is still entertaining them today. He is best known as being the confident sidekick/hype-man who has a lot of swag. Scroll down to see who his brother is…

Terry Lewis and his brother, Jerome Benton of The Time

He’s Jerome Benton of The Time! Terry and Jerome are half brothers…who knew?!! For those who may need to refresh your memories, below is video clip of Jerome and Morris Day in that classic “password” scene from Purple Rain

Here’s another fun fact, Jerome isn’t the only ’80s R&B legend Terry Lewis is connected to. Terry’s ex-wife is “Superwoman” singer, Karyn White, and they have an adult daughter together. By the way, Terry has great taste…Karyn is hella sexy!

Terry Lewis’ ex-wife, singer Karyn White

And there you have it ILOSM family- just another Old School fun fact we wanted to share about one of the most impactful music legends in the music game. Now let’s vibe out to these Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis hits…