Cha-Ching: After Ex Sued Her, Janet Jackson Reportedly Paid Him Major Money After Divorce

Posted On : January 11, 2022
Janet Jackson with then husband, Rene’ Elizondo

We’re accustomed to hearing about the ex-wives of male celebs digging deep into their pockets to make them pay up for their years spent together. However, we typically don’t hear much talk about the big checks some female celebs cut to their less famous exes after a divorce.

Our girl, Janet Jackson, has long ago learned her lesson, as was evident with her billionaire ex-husband. But back in the day she had to give a big ol’ pay-day to her ex-husband, Rene Elizondo, following they divorced in 1999. Remember him?

The Ex-Hubby Got PAID!

Forbes reported that after they divorced, Janet had to pay Rene a whopping $10 MILLION for their eight years of marriage…wow! Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Why didn’t Janet have a pre-nup?’. Well, apparently she did, but Elizondo sued Janet for spousal support, claiming that he’d been forced ‘under duress’ to sign a prenuptial agreement. So, once their legal battle was all said and done, he came up big time with a cool $10 mill.’

Janet Paid Less Than Lionel Richie Had To Though

Lionel Richie

The brighter side for Janet, is that her payout is better than what Lionel Richie had to pay to his ex-wife every month. Nevertheless, Janet’s divorce settlement is still quite interesting because the roles were reversed, proving that the celebrity divorce game works the same way on both sides.

Random Fun Facts About Janet’s Other Exes

Janet Jackson with then-husband, James DeBarge

Speaking of Janet’s exes, singer James Debarge, was once jailed in the same prison as singer, Chris Brown. And get this…according t Chris, the two even wrote songs together while in the pen.’ Below are the details…

Via TMZ: Breezy (Chris Brown) and James [were] being held in adjacent cells in a special section of the Los Angeles County jail reserved for high profile prisoners. Although they [couldn’t] see each other, the two [spent] their days collaborating vocally and [had] successfully penned at least three songs together.

What’s more, the Grammy winner and the DeBarge brother [had] inspired more inmates on their cell block to join in on the harmonies.

That’s rehab’ therapy at it’s finest.

Janet Jackson with then-boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri

From a physical similarity standpoint, Janet seemed to have a specific type because her choice in men has been pretty consistent throughout the years- James Debarge, Rene Elizondo, Wissam Al Mana. But the one exception was her years-long relationship Jermaine Dupri, whom many thought was an odd, yet very cool choice for Janet.

Janet Jackson with her then-husband, Wissam All Mana

We all live and we learn, which Janet likely did after her marriage to Rene Elizondo, In fact, as we mentioned earlier, it now seems like Janet is determined to never, EVER be in the position she was in with Rene ever again. Her most recent and third ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana, is worth $1 BILLION. Not sure how much of that Janet scored from their divorce, but pretty sure it was a pretty penny.