Chaka Khan Never Wants To Get Married, But Would’ve Loved Dating Idris Elba

Posted On : July 10, 2019

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One look at Chaka Khan, who recently turned 66 in March (2019), and one would think that she should have no problem getting, and keeping a man. She’s a self driven, successful woman; and not to mention, she’s incredibly gorgeous. Now, of course Chaka comes with a little baggage- she’d be the first to admit that, but who doesn’t right?

That brings us to our next point- Why in the world does Chaka think “no man in his right mind would ever want to date her”? That’s exactly what she revealed in an interview. She also revealed that although she does not want to get married, there is one celebrity, who’s a lot younger than her, that she would love to go on a date with – actor, Idris Elba. Check out everything she had to say below…

Chaka On Her Two Failed Marriages & Men With Money

Chaka was married twice- once in 1970 at the age of 17, to Hassan Khan (they divorced soon after); and once to Richard Holland in 1976- with the last one ending very badly, she ended up shooting at him…while 8 months pregnant. Chaka is now like ‘hell no’ when it comes to ever marrying again. Here’s why:

“I’ve been married twice. Both times I was constantly wondering which person they loved: Chaka Khan or the real me – Yvette Stevens. It would take a man of biblical proportions for me to marry again. I don’t have time for a man unless he can bring something big to the table, like a huge amount of money.” -Chaka Khan, via The Guardian

Why Her Biggest Fear In Life Is Being In A Relationship

When asked what she most feared in life Chaka said this:

“Being in a relationship, because it renders one so helpless. You’re so vulnerable. I don’t know if I’m ready for that to happen again. Being in a couple is a lot of work. No man in his right mind would want to be married to someone like me. I can understand that. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and I get it. I can’t even have a pet.” -Chaka, via MailOnline

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Apparently, Idris Elba would’ve made Chaka reconsider the whole dating thing in her 60’s. A few years ago, she publicly confessed her attraction to him, without any second guessing and she had much to say about it…

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