Chaka Khan’s Got A Really Bad Habit…Check Out How Bad!

Posted On : August 14, 2015

chaka big picChaka Khan’s got one last bad habit that she just can’t stop. Everybody’s got one, but Chaka Khan says that this is one habit that would have to be very expensive for her to stop. She’s a smoker…cigarette smoker. I know that bad habits are very hard to break, especially when it’s addictive to your body, but I’m more surprised that her vocals are still in tact.

Smoking is bad for singers because the effects of smoking can damage a singer’s lungs as well as their singing voice. So maybe Chaka’s voice is different from what it was years ago, but if Chaka Khan stops smoking her singing voice will repair itself over time. Check out the video of Chaka talking about her last bad habit, and a video of her singing from last week. Do you think her bad habit is affecting her singing voice? (Ain’t too many can hang with Chaka’s singing voice)!

Chaka Khan at the FOLD Festival – August 5, 2015 | Martha Clara Vineyards