Charlie Wilson Details His Cancer Battle & The Devastating News His Dad Gave Him At That Time

Posted On : April 19, 2019

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One look at the way 66 year old R&B legend, Charlie Wilson, still cuts UP on stage and one would never think that it wasn’t that long ago that the brotha was in a fight for his life. The fight was so terrifying, that the Gap Band veteran admitted he thought his “life was over.” Thankfully, he’s made through cancer battle and is sharing his experience, pain, his additional family heartache, and triumph with his fans.

His mission is to spread awareness to men, especially Black men, who oftentimes shy away from going to the doctor regularly…until it’s too late. A trait Wilson admittedly had as well.

In a prior interview via, Charlie Wilson explained his cancer journey:

Everything was just going great until I went to the doctor for a general physical in the summer of 2008.

My wife, Mahin, made an appointment for me to have my annual physical. I have never liked going to the doctor or getting any type of exam. In addition to the physical, Mahin suggested I have a prostate exam.

I definitely did not want to have that – for various reasons – but Mahin was very convincing.

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