Chico DeBarge Explains Why He Got Stabbed While Working With Tyler Perry

Posted On : May 5, 2015


While there’s no denying that the DeBarge family are an extremely talented group of people, they have always had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their lives. One thing we respect about them though is that they’ve never been a family to try to hide their pains and struggles…they’ve always owned up to their faults. Well this time Chico DeBarge was the one disclosing something that happened to him some years ago when he ended up getting stabbed only within inches of his kidney and lungs while he was touring as part of the cast of Tyler Perry’s stage play, “Why Did I Get Married.”

We all know Chico is like the bad boy of the Debarge fam’ after having served 5 years in prison for drug trafficking with his big brother, the late Bobby DeBarge and then not too long after he got out of prison, this is what he said happened…
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Chico: I got stabbed in 2003. I was at a play with Tyler Perry—me and Kelly Price and Tyler Perry. It was a play called “Why Did I get Married?”

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We were in Philly. It was around the end of October, November, and I just was out there in the play; I had my car on the road because I didn’t want to ride on the bus. So I was just driving, and one of the guys from the play asked me to pick him up because he would club-hop at every city we would go to. So he asked me to pick him up at the club and said he has some girl he wanted me to meet or whatever. It was his girlfriend he wanted to introduce to me; she was a fan. So I went to pick him up. And what happened was, she had left him and said, “Meet me at this other club, I have to go pick up some money”; some club she worked at. By the time I got there, she was gone, so he said, “Can you take me to this other club to pick my girl up?” So I took him to it, and when I got in there, you could tell it was made men; it was like you stepped right into “Goodfellas.”


Interviewer: Mm-hmm.
Chico: Yeah, it was on the South Philly side of town. When I got in the club, I didn’t feel a good vibe. I was like, ‘Hmm, this is not right.’ What happened was, she was trying to make her boyfriend jealous.

Interviewer: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Not the guy, but another guy.
Chico: Her real boyfriend; it was an Italian dude.

Interviewer: Why did you have to go in the club? That’s what I want to know.
Chico: Well because he was going to go in there. I guess he had called her or texted her and she was like, “Give me a minute. Just come in real quick and sit down and have a drink while I handle my business.” I guess that must’ve been the case. I never really quite got why, but he was asked to [go there] for a minute and have a drink while she handled her business. So when he gets in there, she’s all over him. To me, it was obvious. She just met my friend and she’s all over him—he wasn’t my friend, but you know, an associate of mine. She’s all over him? This don’t look right. It looks like she’s trying to make somebody jealous. And sure enough she was trying to make this guy, who was a hit man for the mob, jealous. What happened is, basically—I don’t know if I should be telling you all this…



Interviewer: I won’t be telling names; I’m leaving those names out.
Chico: Okay, thank you. Anyway, he [the Italian mobster] sent a girl over there to beat the girl’s butt, so they got in a fight. And when they got in a fight, my associate intervened, and I guess he must’ve touched the girl to do it because I was at a distance when I saw it go down, and just, the troops came in. The guy got up—that was his reason to get up—he pursued my friend and an altercation took place. And I ended up stabbed.

Interviewer: Did you try to help him? Or did people just know you were there and came after you too?
Chico: I tried to, of course, assist him. He was in trouble.

Interviewer: Where were you stabbed? In the shoulder? In the stomach?

Chico: No, I was stabbed in the side, like, by my kidney: a seven-inch scar from my kidney close to my lung.

Interviewer: How did you get out of there? What happened?
Chico: Well…




I didn’t know I was stabbed, so I was still fighting. Then my friend kicked the door down. There was an exit door and he kicked it. We jetted out of there. Then I began to feel like my shoes were sloppy wet and I began to feel dehydrated. You know what I mean? My mouth was very dry. I could feel there was something wrong. When I moved a certain way, that’s when I felt the sting—like a hot burn. I was like, “Wow. Did I get shot?” I lift my shirt up for him. I said, “I’m alright?” And he looked at me like, “Oh no!” One of the guys from the Philadelphia Eagles was next door. I guess he owned a club with security or whatever. I remember he said he was from the Philadelphia Eagles. He knew what he was doing and he was security; he deals with situations like this all the time and for me not to lay down because my adrenaline—he wanted to keep my adrenaline flowing. He started coaching me. He said the ambulance is on the way so I knew it was kind of serious. But I went to the hospital. Then the police came and they wanted me to identify the dude, which I would not do.

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Interviewer: How did you know his name? How did you know who it was?
Chico: He died two weeks later, and that’s how I found out.

Interviewer: Who died two weeks later?
Chico: He got murdered, the guy that stabbed me.

Interviewer: Was it the boyfriend that stabbed you or not?
Chico:No, no, no. [X] allegedly stabbed me.

Interviewer: No, I know. I’m not putting anybody’s name.
Chico: But he allegedly stabbed me and the police came, and they wanted me to point him out, which I would not do. They had him in custody.

Interviewer: They came on the scene immediately?
Chico: They came immediately. They caught him. He was hiding in a closet, from what I understand. But they caught him immediately; they were like, “Is this the guy?” And I wouldn’t cooperate with them, so they had to let them go. They had told me his name, actually. “This is [X]. Blah blah blah. He’s involved in this and this and that.” And I was like, “Well, you know that’s just something I’m not trying to go through.” So he was released. I was stabbed and I was prescribed some prescription pills. So as a result of that, I became addicted to the prescription pills.


After Chico has said in interviews that his addiction to those prescription pills is what led to his addiction to harder drugs, such as heroin. Chico cleaned up his act years ago and is back on the scene performing again and making great music like these songs he made back in the day.